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The weather forecast announces the weather and the rainfall map for the coming days. Know your area


The Meteorological Commission has released a report which reveals the weather and rainfall map for the coming days, including the unpredictable wave in the weather conditions from tomorrow, Friday, February 18th, to Monday, February 21st.

The Meteorological Department announces the weather for the coming days:

The body emerged Meteorology During that period, it is likely to rain with varying intensity, with occasional thundershowers. TemperaturesWind activity stimulates sand and dust in some areas, while weather events include:

Friday, February 18:

Intermittent average rainfall in the western desert and some parts of northern Upper Egypt, approximately 40%.

The northwest coast and northwestern Egypt receive intermittent light to moderate rainfall.

Light rain in parts of southern Lower Egypt, canals and Sinai cities, extending to Greater Cairo, approximately 40%.

Wind activity in the northern coast and parts of northern Upper Egypt.

Saturday 19 February:

Moderate rainfall in parts of the canal cities, which can reach intermittent periods of approximately 60% in the Sinai, Red Sea Governorate and parts of northwestern Egypt.

Light to moderate rainfall over the west coast and parts of Lower Egypt, with intermittent showers of up to 60% in Greater Cairo and southern Upper Egypt.

Wind activity between Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts, southern Sinai and south of the country.

Sunday, February 20:

Canal cities, the Sinai and Red Sea governorate areas, receive intermittent, approximately 40% moderate rainfall.

The western coasts, parts of Lower Egypt and North Upper Egypt, receive intermittent, up to about 40% light rain.

Wind activity is uninterrupted in the southern Sinai region.

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Rainfall map
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