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The world is experiencing record numbers of displaced and refugees


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This is a record number of refugees and displaced people worldwide by the end of 2022. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This is a 23 percent increase compared to 2021. The number of these refugees is expected to increase due to the war in Ukraine and the conflict in Sudan. The political and economic crisis in Tunisia is also increasing the number of people traveling by death boat to Europe.

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This is the number of Ukrainian exiles, most of them women and children, who have been sheltered and welcomed in several European countries since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.I am 2022.

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According to Cypriot authorities, this figure represents a percentage of the 915,000 asylum seekers residing in a country such as Cyprus, which is the main port of entry. Refugees For EU countries. According to the European Statistical Institute, which published its report in February 2023, this is the second largest proportion of asylum seekers in the European Union region compared to the population of the Union, after the proportion of asylum seekers in Croatia. Hungary has the lowest proportion of asylum seekers. For France, it recorded approximately 0.20 percent of asylum seekers compared to its total population in 2022.

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The number of refugees granted political asylum in France in 2022 under the criteria of the 1951 Geneva Conventions, which protect people who fear persecution in their countries of origin because of their religious beliefs, race or sexual orientation. Ministry of Home Affairs and Refugee Protection Agency. The number of asylum seekers in France has increased by 8 percent compared to last year.

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One fifth of the world’s refugees are Syrians. That is, about 6.5 million refugees were received by 131 countries in the world. Syria has the highest number of refugees fleeing their country in search of safety. Ukraine is in second place, followed by Afghanistan and Venezuela, the report said UNHCR

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This is the share of the world’s refugees received in 2022 by low- or middle-income countries, according to World Bank classification. In its latest report, UNHCR confirmed that 70 percent of refugees live in countries neighboring their countries of origin.

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