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The world is recovering from the corona … and the strong fear of “twin” mutants


Despite the fact that most countries in the world are recovering from the virus and have abandoned precautionary measures against humans for more than two years, there are fears that a mutation in the corona virus could trigger a new outbreak. However China records thousands of HIV infections every dayThere were signs of the emergence of a new mutant connecting Delta and Omigran.

French scientists at the Pastor’s Institute in Paris have, for the first time, confirmed the presence of a deltacron mutant of the Covit-19 virus by genetic sequencing, which has previously attracted much attention, and is a mutation linking mutation. The delta variant and the omigron variant of the Govit-19 virus 19, according to science.

US-based epidemiologist Jeremy Camille posted a tweet on his Twitter account confirming the news and revealing details of the mutated Deltacron.

Scientists from the Mediterranean Institute for Medicine and Education for Infectious Diseases in Marseilles, France, published an article on March 8 on medRxiv, the premier website for medical research articles, confirming the existence of a new mutation by genetic sequencing. The mutant was found in many parts of France.

Data provided by the Global Initiative for Sharing All Influenza Data, also known as Gisaid, show that cases related to Daltacron have been detected in Denmark and the Netherlands. Two cases were discovered in the United States by Helix, a California-based genetic research firm.


According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the United Kingdom has confirmed about 30 Deltacron cases. According to Gesid, the new mutation may be circulating in the population from January 2022.

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Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization, tweeted on March 8, “We already know that when various types of mutated COVID-19 are transmitted, remodeling events can occur in humans or animals … Currently, we have to wait for tests.” To categorize this new alternative. “

Scientists at the World Health Organization Maria van Kerkov told a news conference that scientists have not yet found any change in the severity of the new variant compared to previous variants of the Kovit-19 virus, but several scientific studies are ongoing.



This comes as China announced yesterday, Tuesday, that there were 5,280 new infections reported with the corona virus. High daily count since the onset of the infection And twice as many injuries as the day before.

According to the Health Commission, more than 3,000 cases of the virus have been reported in the northeastern province of Jilin, leading to an increase in the number of daily infections caused by the outbreak of the malicious Omigron nationwide.

China announced on Tuesday for the sixth day in a row that more than a thousand new virus cases have been reported.

China has succeeded in suppressing the widespread spread of the virus by implementing the “zero govt” strategy, which includes severe closures that restrict the movement of large groups of the population.

Chinese authorities have closed at least 10 cities and counties due to the recent eruption, including Shenzhen, a technology stronghold with a population of 17 million.

A spokesman said the virus outbreak at Volkswagen Group factories in the northeastern city of Changchun on Monday closed three sites for at least three days.

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Various cities, including Shanghai, have closed neighborhoods and buildings, while health officials have warned of the possibility of stricter controls.

During an emergency meeting on Monday night, state media reported that the governor of Jilin province had promised to do everything in his power to achieve a “zero Govt” decision within the region’s community within a week.

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