March 24, 2023

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The World Summit on Industry and Production concludes its activities

The World Summit on Industry and Production concludes its activities

Dubai (Etihad)

Yesterday, Saturday, the activities of the fourth session of the Global Summit on Industry and Industrialization, a joint effort of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), concluded with the wide participation of the leaders of the countries. , Governments, industry and global industry and technology experts are discussing the most important opportunities and challenges facing the industry in the light of the “corona” epidemic crisis and emerging employment to shape the future of the industry. Techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The summit in the United Arab Emirates coincided with its fiftieth anniversary celebrations, which represented an opportunity to review the country’s leading experience in achieving comprehensive and sustainable industrial growth and carbon neutrality.
The six-day summit was attended by more than 250 global speakers, including 4 heads of state, two prime ministers and more than 25 ministers from within and outside the country, including top UN representatives from various countries. Participating in more than 70 panel discussions with agencies and organizations and the US Presidency’s Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, highlighted the growing importance of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning and 5G networks. Growth of global industry.
Badr Salim Sultan Al Olama, chairman of the organizing committee of the Global Production and Industrialization Summit, said: “Our world today stands at an important crossroads. The decisions we make today will play a key role in shaping the future of future generations. We have come to this meeting as a result of many factors, technology alone is a factor that has changed the way we live our lives, our relationships and the nature of our social and economic activities. . These changes were accompanied by many challenges. But the most important challenge we faced was the “corona” epidemic, which affected all aspects of our lives.
He added, “This leads to wonder about the nature of the post-epidemic world, and whether it changed the course of history from the horrors and devastation of the First and Second World Wars to leaving a legacy of social, economic and political change.” Because of the overall stagnation around the world, we have been able to think about the difficult challenges that lie ahead and reconsider our approach as a global community to the challenges. Geopolitical tensions showed us the weakness of the current world order and the impact of our daily lives on the environment, which led to significant fluctuations in the climate. Today we must all contribute to the transformation of a new world order that is more sustainable, inclusive and capable of tackling challenges – and we need exceptional leadership to show the next generation all the efforts we have made to ensure this. A promising, dignified and prosperous future. “
He added: “We are pleased with the results of this year’s edition of the Global Productivity and Industrialization Summit. Encourages international solutions to common solutions to existing challenges and builds a better future.
The Summit Week was launched under the theme “Improving Communities: Using Digital Technologies to Achieve Prosperity”. The activities of the first day focused on issues related to climate change, with the participation of heads of state, ministers and key international figures, emphasizing the importance. Advancing technologies that reduce carbon emissions and improve the industry will help the industry recover from the global epidemic and support international efforts to achieve global climate goals.
On the first day, the US President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change saw John Kerry’s inaugural address, in which he called on China, India and Russia to share the international community’s commitment to tackling climate change by setting clear goals for reducing and controlling carbon emissions. Global warming, so it does not exceed the magnitude of global warming.

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