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The world’s first.. Dubai International Airport has received an unprecedented certification


Dubai International Airport (DXB), the world’s largest international airport by international passenger traffic, has achieved Autism Friendly Environment Certification (CAC).

This certificate is issued by International Accreditation and Continuing Education Standards (IPCCES), making it the first international airport in the world to receive this document.

According to Dubai Airports, this achievement confirms Dubai Airports’ commitment to improving the travel experience for people with autism, in line with the Emirate’s vision of being a certified destination for autism.

Majid Al Zokar, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Airports, said: “This achievement reaffirms our commitment to provide an inclusive travel experience for all our guests, including those with visual disabilities, in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021. Make the emirate a friendly city for committed people At Dubai Airports, we are passionate about providing a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone at our airports.

He added: “We are working closely with the Department of Economy and Tourism and the International Council for International Accreditation and Continuing Education Standards to identify and address challenges in the sector.”

Success in this initiative is attributed to close collaboration with our strategic partners in the airport community, including government agencies, airlines and service partners, to provide a seamless experience for all airport guests, from arrivals to the boarding gate. .

For his part, Isa bin Hadar, Director General of Dubai Tourism College, said that providing a destination accessible and accessible to all depends on the continued support of partners and stakeholders, who contribute to improving the visitor experience. They arrive in Dubai until they depart, and based on its importance as the first stop on a passenger’s journey. Dubai International Airport’s Autism Friendly Environment certification represents an important step towards achieving our goals of accessible tourism for people with disabilities.

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He added: “At the Dubai Tourism College, we are keen to provide appropriate training to stakeholders and stakeholders in the tourism system through the purpose-designed “Dubai Approach” training platform to provide staff who speak directly to visitors and guests. With the knowledge and skills required to provide excellent levels of customer service, particularly committed individuals.”

The International Council for Accreditation and Continuing Education Standards awards the Autism-Friendly Environment Certification (CAC) to recognize institutions’ efforts to understand and meet the needs of individuals with autism.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) received the certification for all passenger terminals after a comprehensive assessment by the International Council for Accreditation and Continuing Education Standards, where they reviewed the Sunflower Lanyard Program, which prioritizes guests with special needs at the end of the journey. Processes, including… This includes check-in, security gates and priority boarding, all by wearing your sunflower necklace.

Guest Experience Ambassadors and sunflower pin-wearing trained staff are also on hand at the airport to help and support passengers with confidence throughout their journey through the airport.

As part of the “See the world from a different perspective” initiative launched in 2022, Dubai Airports organized a special training and awareness program aimed at serving the determined population with invisible disabilities, including more than 33,000 airport staff, many representatives. Strategic partners participated with the aim of improving their knowledge and understanding of the gaps.

He also launched a trip planning app that provides visually impaired passengers with a visual guide to ease their movement around the airport. Other premium services offered include free two-hour parking, special assistance at customs and immigration points, designated taxis and wheelchair services.

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Myron Pincombe, Chairman of the Board of Directors for International Accreditation and Continuing Education Standards, said: “We support Dubai Airports’ commitment to providing an inclusive travel experience for all. Staff with the skills and tools needed to create a more welcoming environment for travelers with autism, contributing to “enhancing the travel experience for all”.


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