May 30, 2023

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The world’s oldest twins have been in the Guinness Book of Records for 107 years and 300 days

On the occasion of Japan’s Elderly Day, the Guinness Book of World Records has announced the world’s oldest twin sisters, Umino Sumyana and Kumi Kodama, at 107 years and 300 days. They appeared in two different nursing homes on the island of Shotoshima and in the Japanese province of Oita, according to the “SF Gate” website.

The two sisters separated after elementary school and then sent Kodama to work as a maid in Oda before getting married, while Sumiana was on the island where she grew up and had a family.

The two sisters remember the harsh days of their youth when they were abused as the third and fourth children in a family of 11 children.

The two had been busy in their lives for decades and did not meet until they reached the age of 70, and they enjoyed reuniting.

Sumyana and Kodama broke the world records of 107 years and 175 days set by Japanese sisters Ken Narida and Jin Kani, and often joked about their ability to beat the current champion couple who became famous for their age and comedy in Japan in the 1990s.


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