June 5, 2023

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Theater Theater Industry.. | Yusuf Abu Los

Whose mentality says that dramatic Ramzan fever will be over in a few days is reflected in some series.Being a single tailor, even the stitches in the waist of the grip is only one blacksmith.. What is this??.. What is this indifference to the eye, mind and memory of the beholder?? (drama), culture, thought and art in the name of (drama). On the contrary, in the hands of a few of its professional writers, it has become a literary genre, the spirit of narrative, poetry, history, and popular memory.
Poet Dr. Walid Chief’s drama became visual literature. He wrote it with a poetic mood, but he did not deviate from its artistic, cultural and linguistic conditions, especially in terms of language, Dr. Saif literature and knowledge gave each historical series a specific linguistic context in which the actors spoke according to the historical (linguistic) situation of the character he was working with. The language is not the same as the popular, peasant language spoken in the twentieth century (Ananyam).
Drama is one of the most dangerous contemporary arts in terms of its intellectual, cultural and moral standing and its rapid social and cultural diffusion. Drama is a profession, again, perhaps Dr. Saif al-Adri or among the few who know the pitfalls of this profession.
In his autobiography, “The Witness and the Witnessed,” the author of “The Green Hand Tattoo” talks about the realistic ground pressures between what he calls the parties of the Arab theater industry, and we understand from them the parties to these interactions. They are: writer, producer, director and actor. To unleash his imagination on paper, without restricting it to calculations of production costs and technical capabilities, the producer seeks the best technical results at the lowest cost. Although it may have to sacrifice some of the ambitions of the text and the output, if the director wants to free his hand in disposing of the text according to his vision, ability or production needs, he will be able to use all these for his star as he wishes for the art and the star actor.
…After this network or site of tension and relaxation, you can imagine how a dramatic work of art is born, with what losses or gains an image of history, a symbol or homeland finally emerges. A drama.. that film.
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