March 30, 2023

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Theater | Yusuf Abu Los

  • Three brains or three minds and hearts make up the stage: writer, director, actor.
  • The playwright is the father or mother of the text, the director is its educator, teacher and coach, and the actor is the power of the text, turning its writing into a performance on stage.
  • Each theater must have three authors: a historian, a poet and a storyteller, or a storyteller, to complete the cycle of stage and screen.
  • Four of the most beautiful men who ever wrote for the theater and the theatre: Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht, Samuel Beckett and Wally Sonika. Poetry is the secret of aesthetics in all these four.

Shakespeare’s poetry awakened the world to thought, philosophy, and life, but his theater mirrors, a long series of mirrors through which people see love, betrayal, greed, power, disease, and madness.
Brecht’s theatre, like his poetry, is sharp and migratory. What he rejected out of fear belongs only to his heart, thoughts and nerves. In it is love and at the same time anger.. that anger that boils up thinking and philosophy.

  • Samuel Beckett wrote the play “Waiting for Godot” in 1952, which has taken the world by storm to this day. This is the only play that has ever revived his name, but when he was about thirty years old (1930), he wrote poetry.
  • Beckett wrote a few verses in exchange for his playlist, and in all his glory felt only gratitude for Waiting for Godot, which was actually based on a poetic idea: the idea of ​​a ridiculously long wait …
  • Nigerian “Nobelian” author Wole Sonika is now eighty-eight years old. He won the Nobel Prize not for his dramatic signature but for his poetic signature. Carries all images of Charisma script.
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Firstly, from his peace and secondly, from his cosmopolitan African culture.

  • For Sonika, poetry is the heart of drama, and theater is the heart of poetry.
  • The spirit of drama is the spirit of poetry. The spirit of poetry is the spirit of drama. There is no theater without poetry. There is no poetry without the spirit of drama.

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