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These are the most important works of Lebanese theater in Ramadan 2023


Lebanese singer Nadine Naseeb Najim

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 / 15:09

Although the Lebanese drama has attracted the attention of a large audience in various countries, due to the difficult economic conditions Lebanon is going through, the level of domestic production in Lebanon has seen a significant decline since 2019, which prompted two major productions. Companies can go for joint productions, impose themselves on the art scene in the Arab world, and avoid falling into losses.

Among the most important Lebanese productions that Arab people are looking forward to during the Ramadan 2023 drama season is the collaboration of Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Enjem and Syrian star Qusai Qouli and their series “Finally”. Their third experience after the series “Five and Text” and “Twenty Twenty”.

“Finally” series deals with the social story of a strong woman who has many painful stories and always strives to achieve her goal.

Spectators also expressed their interest to watch the “Fire with Fire” series that brings together elite Lebanese and Syrian stars. The Lebanese side consists of George Kabaz, Tony Issa, Zina Maki and Tariq Tamim, while the Syrian side consists of two stars Abed. Fahad, Kharis Bashar and Al-Amal. Directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz and written by Rami Khousa.

The series “Fire with Fire” deals with the daily social conflict between Lebanese and displaced Syrians, on Lebanese soil. Events include dealing with illegal trade, love stories facing multiple obstacles and more. Stories and anecdotes from Lebanese society, the series attempts to discuss solutions to these bad habits.

Abed revealed that the series is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice” and he will play the main character in it, representing the role of “Kylock” in the international drama, indicating that the work. One of his key ideas. Abate posted a promotional video for the job via his Twitter account

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After the success of the first and second parts of the series and the insistence of the audience, viewers are eagerly waiting for the third part of “To Die” after its author, Lebanese writer Nadine Jaber, to weave its threads. Continuation of the previous two parts, but the third part is connected and separate at the same time, which will witness the joining of new characters in the story. And the trend changed to another time, different circumstances and to a new place, the viewer sees the development of the characters after a year, two or three years, as well as the new Along with the events he sees the fulfillment of two characters “Sahar and Reem”.

Posters or official trailers for the series have not yet been released, but the personal account of the artistic production company “Eagle Films” previously posted on Instagram the first image of the scenes of the third part, in which the two Lebanese stars reunite Maggie. Bou Ghosn and Daniela Rahma.

Starring Maggie Poxon, Daniela Rahma, Lillian Nimri and Taja Hijazi, the film features newcomers Ward Al Khal, Sahar Fawzi, Fayez Kazak, Muhammad Akil and is directed by Philip Asmar.

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