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Three Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games are included in the Switch Online expansion pack


Three Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games are included in the Switch Online expansion pack

Well, it happened again! After scheduled maintenance for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Switch online application, it has now been updated with three more classic games.

Add the latest versions Sonic SpinballAnd Glow Force II And Space Harrier II. Here is the full summary, courtesy of PR:

Collect your Emerald Power, Glowing Hero and head to the Cosmic Portal – three Sega Genesis adventures outside of this world calling your name! Today, three spin-off games are included in the SEGA Genesis Library – Nintendo Switch Online: Sonic the Hedgehog SpinballAnd Glow Force II And Space Harrier II. You can now play it all on the Nintendo Switch System with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

– பி Sonic the Hedgehog SpinballDr. Fort

Glow Force II Join the source Luminous power At the Sega Genesis Library – Switch Nintendo Online! In this tactical fantasy RPG adventure, you get the task of guiding the glowing power of the West Wall in cinematic battles against an ancient evil that threatens to conquer the earth.

– Be a Heroic Space Harrier b Space Harrier II Fight Against Evil Creatures In This Frenzied And Challenging Action Game, This Is One Of The Original Seka Genesis Release Titles!

If you are wondering, Japan has only three titles:

To play these games on your Switch, you will need a Nintendo Switch online subscription and a more expensive expansion pack subscription.

What do you think about these games? Have you tried the expansion pack yet? To doLeave a comment below.

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