June 3, 2023

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German Chancellor: We must avoid the outbreak of World War III

German Chancellor: We must avoid the outbreak of World War III

Berlin – Reuters
German Chancellor Olaf Scholes responded to a question about Germany’s failure to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine in an interview with Der Spiegel, which called for a direct military confrontation with NATO Russia, which could lead to World War III.
Schulz is facing growing criticism at home and abroad over his government’s apparent reluctance to supply heavy weapons such as tanks and howitzers to Ukraine to prevent Russian attacks as Western allies increase military aid to Kiev.
In response to a question in an extended interview published on Friday, he said he believed the supply of tanks would lead to a nuclear war, adding that there was no rule as to when Germany could be considered a party in the Ukraine war.
“For this reason, it is very important that we think very carefully about each step and coordinate closely with each other,” he was quoted as saying by the newspaper. Avoiding expanding towards an alliance is paramount to me. The consequences of the error will be tragic. “
Schulz, on the other hand, supported his decision not to immediately suspend German Russian gas imports in response to Moscow calling it a “special military operation” in Ukraine. “I do not understand how the gas blockade could end the war,” he said, adding that he hoped that if Russian President Vladimir Putin had focused on economic issues, he would not have started this insane war.
“Second, it’s not about the money,” he said. But this will avert a severe economic crisis and never reopen millions of jobs and factories.
Schulz said this would have serious consequences not only for Germany, but also for Europe and future funding for Ukraine’s reconstruction.

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