March 25, 2023

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Tick ​​Tock challenges YouTube with 10 minute videos

Tick ​​Tock challenges YouTube with 10 minute videos

Social networking site TikTok allows its users to post videos up to ten minutes instead of the current maximum of three minutes, and the initiative aims to gain new ground over its main competitor, YouTube.

The decision was announced by several US media outlets and confirmed to AFP by a Tick Tock spokesman, who increased the maximum duration from one minute to three and arrived within eight months.

A spokesman for the company, which is affiliated with the Chinese “Fight Dance” group, hopes the move will open up more opportunities for content makers in networks around the world.

This change will allow Tic Tac Toe, which already specializes in short videos, to enter the YouTube network, which is a reference for video content produced directly by users.

And last March, YouTube tried to compete with Tik Tok in its court by introducing “YouTube Shorts” that allow you to record videos up to 60 seconds.

Instagram has entered the series of short videos through the app “Rails”, a subsidiary of the meta group (formerly Facebook), which will enable its users to record videos in August 2020.

Jasmine Enberg, a researcher at Insider Intelligence, noted that the gap between DickTok and YouTube was “narrow”, “that long videos would help DickTok return to its previous state.”

He explained, “Longer videos offer creators more lucrative opportunities and open the door to more video volumes to increase dictatorial advertising.”

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