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Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2021


Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow without prejudice: Although you may be one of the first to receive an iPhone 13 phone from Apple, the final decision to buy a new phone is not a smartphone, as many of them were introduced by the US company in 2021.

Utilities have become the main benefit to get the most out of buying a new phone, especially with the basics of enhancing the phone’s performance and making it a helpful partner in doing many tasks.

The specialized website “The Verge” gave you recommendations for the 10 best apps found in the Apple App Store, which will greatly help you with productivity and time management.

Spark Mail

The “Spark Mail” application is a simple and free option for managing your email accounts across various sites, and also allows you to switch smart notifications between email accounts such as “Apple Mail”, “Gmail” or “Microsoft Outlook”. Also it is compatible with services like “One Drive” and “Dropbox” Cloud.

The biggest benefit is that it prevents you from getting notifications from random services that you registered many years ago and are no longer interested in.


This application offers a wide range of options for placing daily notes, which helps you to ensure that all the tasks assigned to you are carried out throughout the day, and it is integrated with your computer, phone and other reference applications that can provide alerts. Smartwatch “Spark” like “Calendar”, “Slack” and “Slack” application.


If you are interested in protecting plants, this application is one of the most preferred applications; It checks soil moisture every day, helps maintain plants regardless of weather conditions, and gives you a variety of tips for maintaining them indoors and outdoors.

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It is unclear how this app will perform its functions without the need for an additional device, as you do not need a fitness tracker or smartwatch with the app; It monitors all the tasks for you on your mobile, supports various activities like cycling, jogging and walking, and accurately measures your fitness progress.


The YNAB utility helps you set your monthly budget, set how you spend, and organize your savings for the future. But to get the app, you have to pay, its annual subscription is $ 98.99 or $ 14.99 per month and you can get free trial for 34 days.


This app organizes your link to borrow or purchase books from various libraries in your area. It also contains numerous books, magazines and audiobooks for free browsing, and is compatible with CarPlay systems for Kindle devices or cars.


This app frees you from many stressors as it tells you when to clean the various appliances and equipment in your home, how to do it, organize household chores room wise, and assign tasks to family members or co-workers. The application can be downloaded for $ 6.99 with a single payment.

1 Password

If you are one of the holders of multiple accounts and passwords and it is not possible to remember them, this app will greatly help you to have different passwords in one app, and it is compatible with Apple Smartwatches and fingerprinting and “authentication” technology. It’s the best choice for managing passwords on the iPhone.


If you want a quiet time away from the stress of a stressful work day, meditate and relax; With multiple soothing music tracks or narrating free sleep time stories, this app gives you the comfort you need.

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This application removes the so-called “note”. This application provides a record of all payments you make to your friends, family and co-workers. This will make it easier for you to adjust your monthly budget.

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