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Travel to Mars with 3D Glass at the Expo


The Pavilion of the Kingdom of Belgium at Expo 2020 highlights the key smart mobility centers in Europe, where you can when you are in the pavilion; Simulate a 4-minute space flight to Mars using 3D glasses, using a spacecraft moving you through virtual reality to finally reach the red planet in a specific orbit between galaxies and stars.

Visitors can explore Belgian inventions in the main hall of the pavilion through a number of technologies: electric car batteries, advanced bicycles and advanced access to space, as well as smart cities that provide you with smart cities that achieve electric motion sustainability. The best ways to facilitate movement and its agility.

The pavilion is designed with some visual effects and cartoon graphics to appeal to young and old alike, and visitors can enjoy the simulation experience, electronic games and photos, both young and old alike. Designated locations and relevant backgrounds for their pages on social media. “Green Arc” showcases Belgian ingenuity in industry, technology and science, reflecting the “Belgian identity” that is a blend of Latin love in art and Anglo-Saxon technological precision in industry, and Belgium is moving forward to develop smart mobility systems. Expo 2020 is the future, and Belgian thinkers and businessmen will be able to list their vision for the year 2050, and creative innovations will lay the foundation for a smart, safe and clean moving future under the motto “We work together to refresh our vision”.

Covering an area of ​​500 square meters, the Belgium Pavilion offers a glimpse into the future of Belgium’s mobility technologies and innovations, as well as a “Processory” restaurant and a fast food kiosk that will satisfy your desire to indulge in unique Belgian cuisine. And the cozy atmosphere includes a lounge on the balcony on the roof of the set called “Roof”, where you can sit and enjoy the view of the sunset and the beautiful view.

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The pavilion is located in the heart of the Mobility area of ​​the Expo 2020 Dubai site, and showcases the latest technological innovations in Belgium in an interactive environment that integrates people, products and ideas. The Pavilion offers all the possibilities for interactive exploration, and once you enter, six famous Belgians greet you with exceptional achievements in the field of mobility, where visitors can learn about “Future Belgium”. The optimal way.

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