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Tree and room mood .. Do you have any two moods and what is the best way to think? | Life


Changing for the better in daily fights requires learning, work, patience and perseverance, which is the difference that makes excuses for every collision on the road to the person reaching the goal.

This is a question that Dr. Carol Duvek, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, has been searching for for 40 years. Is that why people may be the same in their abilities and circumstances but some wither during adversity and others thrive? What changes the decision?

After research – its results were recorded in the book “Mood: The New Psychology of Success” – I found that the reference to this subject differs in the mode of thinking. The old woman – the founder of a translation company – is “the mood of the tree and the mood of the room”, and the truth is, we all carry on from two moods, but what overcomes it, it prevails throughout our lives, so how do we know what the definition of two moods is and what we have? ?

The mood develops

As the name implies, this is a developmental attitude, so it is suitable for it. And its owners do not believe that intelligence is limited to genetic factors, and do not stop challenging themselves by learning new skills, and their interest in science does not end there. People with this mindset see obstacles as a temporary failure and welcome any criticism to improve their performance, see successful individuals as inspiration and welcome cooperation with them.

Examples of transformative ability include: Nadia Hussain, the British Bengali chef who won first place in the BBC’s The Great British Back of Cooking contest 2015, One of her first comments after winning: I set limits for myself from today. She must continue to grow to control the limits of her ambition or to reach others.

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Stable mood

People with this mentality believe that their birth condition is their destiny not to accept change, which includes their livelihood.

This surrender explains the dangers they face as irreversible failure because they need skills that they do not have to deal with mistakes, so they claim that inaction on others or situations does not make them look like failures. So they are jealous and tend to hurt the successful ones because it threatens their status. The following table shows the most important differences between developing and stable moods:

Table showing the most important differences between developing and stable moods (Al-Jazeera)

Will a person’s mood change?

The image of a person’s mood and his abilities can change. People with stable moods can change their situation, and those with developing mood swings can be severely affected by the difficulties and lose the flame of their activity for a moment or so, and we all pass between two cases. Or for a specific time.

Cow Charter According to the Harvard Medical School Health page, neurogenesis suggests that neurons can be developed that improve memory and cognitive abilities, even in older adults. According to Dr. Carol Duvek, you can change the way you think and your abilities, especially subjective traits such as intelligence.

How do people with a developing mindset behave against those with a stable mindset?

A stable mindset can negatively affect a community, while developing moods can contribute positively. A teacher with an imaginative mindset is consistent with his or her students and they are smart and talented with or without it, nothing can change them so they do not believe that the weak student can still progress, while a teacher with the mindset is one who seeks and celebrates every success big and small Development, and students will be comfortable responding, not afraid of mistakes, so they can move forward with confidence in the future and come out from under it with confidence.

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An army officer with a stable mindset will get angry if someone inferior to him proposes or proposes a method or plan that is different than what he sees, because he considers it an insult to his person and his military experience. The mood can reward that person with an idea that inspires everyone in the military to think outside the box and feel like they belong, which wakes up the whole country.

Changing the way we think better in the daily battles that all human beings have to fight, while at the same time being a very difficult and precise one, and this requires tools such as learning, work, patience and perseverance, but in the end, this is the difference between someone who reaches the goal and makes an excuse at every pump on the road . As Debbie Millman, an American writer, educator and artist says, “The less you dream, the less you undoubtedly deserve.”

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