June 3, 2023

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Tribute to Ilham Shaheen at the Carthage Theater Days Festival in Tunisia

Tribute to Ilham Shaheen at the Carthage Theater Days Festival in Tunisia

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Respect Carthage Days Festival Drama, the big star, during its operations Ilham Shaheen, During the celebration of Egyptian Theater Icons, the 22nd Session declared Egypt as the Guest of Honor and declared 2021 as the Year of Cultural Exchange between them in line with the policy of Tunisia and Egypt.

Star Ilham Shaheen was recently honored at the National Drama Festival, and the festival released a book describing his history and theatrical experience entitled “The Rebel”.

During its inaugural ceremony, many innovators in the field of drama from Tunisia and Arab and African countries were honored. Then there are Abdullah, Amal Tabas from Jordan, Fadellah Hashmawi from Algeria and “Flores Adgenhome” from Kenya, “Benin” and “Jean Sibi Agomo”, Awadif Naim, the best artist in Iraq, and Nourdin Al-Wardi, a Tunisian artist. .

During its activities, the festival discusses numerous intellectual axes through seminars and meetings. Theatrical exclusions, writing, directing, and technically theatrical therapy on topics of all kinds of dangers, epidemics and disasters, and the consequences of the dangers of theater’s relationship with power. Theatrical pragmatic approach, production, risky behavior, risks and their role in supporting the theater to deal with theatrical educational function, legal structures and risks.

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