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Trump back in court.. What is expected to happen in Florida?



Trump back in court.. What is expected to happen in Florida?

Former US President Donald Trump will appear in federal court in Florida at 3pm on Tuesday to face a felony charge of possessing classified documents after his term ends.

It was Trump’s second appearance in court since April, when he pleaded not guilty in New York to charges that he paid a pornographic actress to remain silent before the 2016 election.

The former US president arrived in Miami on Monday from his summer home in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he boarded a private jet to spend the night at his golf club in Miami, which is 125 minutes from Wilkie T. Ferguson. Jr. Court. .

The 49-page federal indictment alleges that the former president lied and planned to keep dozens of classified documents that he moved to his Florida home after leaving the White House in 2021.

As Miami police prepare to receive up to 50,000 protesters, a serious charge that Trump supporters say is politically motivated to block his return to the White House has raised fears of unrest.

Security has been beefed up around the “Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Court,” with right-wing groups announcing their intention to protest, including the local branch of the extremist organization “Proud Boys.”

Former President Donald Trump is visited by a supporter at his Trump National Resort in Doral, Fla., Monday, June 12, 2023. (AP Photo/Jim Rasol)

“We encourage people to be quiet about showing their feelings,” Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, told reporters.

Predicted experts spoke on site “Today we” No trouble since criminal charges against those who participated in the 2021 storming of the Capitol building.

“Violent extremists fear arrest if they participate in new protests in chat rooms,” former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi told MSNBC on Thursday.

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At the first hearing, called a habeas corpus or arraignment hearing, the judge will explain the charges against Trump and give him his right to counsel.

He told the media that Trump is expected to plead not guilty to the 37 charges, similar to the previous trial in New York. CBS.

After arriving in court, Trump will go through the usual procedures with the accused as he is fingerprinted, photographed and led into a courtroom to appear before a judge, but he is not expected to be handcuffed.

Trump is expected to be represented by attorney Todd Blanche, who was on his legal team in his previous trial, and a law firm will also be present.

Court Wilkie d. Ferguson Jr. will witness Trump’s appearance

The media will not be present at the hearing while Trump is in the courtroom.

Late Monday, Chief Judge Cecilia Altonaga of the Southern District of Florida asked media workers not to bring phones and other electronic devices into the courtroom.

Similar to his speech after the New York trial, Trump is expected to deliver a speech to supporters later in the evening from his golf club in Bedminster to affirm his innocence.

The billionaire, who turns 77 on Wednesday, is accused of possessing government secrets, refusing to return them and conspiring to obstruct the work of investigators trying to recover them.

He was also accused of sharing classified information with the public without a security clearance, a far more serious case than he had previously faced.

The indictment includes photos showing what should be National Archives boxes stacked in ballrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms at Trump’s Palm Beach home, Mar-a-Lago.

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Although Trump is the first current or former US president to face criminal charges, this has not dampened his hopes of returning to the White House.

The former president, who is vying for the Republican nomination for the 2024 elections, maintained a defiant tone as he prepared to become the first US president to be subpoenaed by a federal court.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump gather outside Mar-a-Lago, Sunday, June 11, 2023, in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Evan Woosey)

“We must all be strong and defeat the communists, marxists and far-left lunatics who are planning to destroy our country,” Trump wrote on his social network Indeed.

“Nothing like this has happened. There has never been a witch hunt like this… when you look at what they did, what they did, what they did, what they did, what they did,” Trump told a conservative Spanish-language radio station after arriving in Miami.

Trump continues to challenge ahead of a court appearance in a case involving classified documents

Former US President Donald Trump arrived in Miami on Monday, ahead of a federal indictment for possessing classified documents after his term ended, having successfully avoided more than a dozen corruption charges that have dogged him in the past.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found Trump far ahead of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, with 81 percent of Republican voters believing the allegations against him were politically motivated.

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Calls for UN support encourage coups



Calls for UN support encourage coups

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok protested the United Nations invitation of army chief Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to participate in UN General Assembly meetings, saying it was sending very dangerous signals. Military coups on the African continent.

Hamdok, along with the sovereign and members of the Council of Ministers, who were overthrown by the military in the October 25, 2021 coup, sent a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Anthony Guterres, in which they said, “This call contradicts international positions rejecting the coup that halted the democratic transition process in Sudan”.

In addition to Hamdok, the letter received by Ashark al-Awsad was signed by three members of the Sovereignty Council: Muhammad al-Faqi Sulaiman, al-Tahar Hajar and Muhammad Hassan al-Taishi. Key ministers in Hamdok’s government headed by Council Affairs Minister Khalid Umar Yusuf also signed.

Al-Burhan warns at the United Nations against the expansion of Sudan’s war into neighboring countries

Constitutional collapse

A military element led by Lt. Gen. al-Burhan led a military coup against the interim civilian government, leading to a complete constitutional collapse in the country, Hamdok’s interim civilian government said in a letter to the United Nations. of a de facto government, which later collapsed upon the outbreak of war.On April 15, the direct result of a coup against the civilian government carried out by both sides of the current war, the military and the Quick Support. forces.

The African Union, the UN, rejected the military coup that undermined Hamdok’s civilian government. The letter also referred to the positions of the Security Council and the European Union, and halted the process of democratic transition in Sudan. Condemning the coup d’état and demanding the return of power to the people.

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Clashes between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (AP) have left the capital, Khartoum, in a cloud of smoke.

Contradictory positions

The letter promises to invite the military commander to attend United Nations General Assembly meetings as Sudan’s representative, which is contrary to declared international positions and helps prolong the ongoing war in Sudan. The recent rise in military coups on the African continent.

On October 25, the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Army, announced the dissolution of the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers, the suspension of certain provisions of the constitutional document governing the interim period, and the arrest of the Prime Minister. Minister and members of the Sovereign Council and Ministers of the Executive.

In light of these actions by the Sudanese military, the African Union suspended Sudan’s membership, describing it as an unconstitutional power grab, and the United States and the World Bank froze aid to Sudan, making it conditional on its reinstatement. Power to civil forces.

The tower of Sudan’s largest oil company, the Nile Company, burns amid fierce fighting, September 17 (AFP)

The MIG shot down the plane

On the ground, on Monday, a MIG military aircraft belonging to the Sudanese army was shot down by Rapid Support Forces, as fighting intensified in several parts of the capital city of Khartoum. Residents of neighborhoods adjacent to the military headquarters in central Khartoum reported violent clashes between the two sides and exchanges of artillery and heavy weapons around the military’s key military headquarters. For the tenth day in a row, the Rapid Support Forces attack with the aim of controlling the military command.

According to witnesses who spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat, the army bombarded the offensive forces with drones, leading to thick columns of black smoke in the targeted area. South of Khartoum.

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Heavy artillery fire was heard in Al-Zarif, West, Burri, Imdad Nasser and the capital Khartoum all east of the Nile.

In a statement on the “X” site (formerly Twitter), the Rapid Support Forces announced the downing of the second Army MIG fighter jet in two days.

The aircraft “dropped bombs on innocent civilians and continued to destroy public facilities and markets,” the Rapid Support Forces said. Remnants and elements of the defunct Burhan-led National Congress regime adopted a scorched-earth policy, deliberately bombing settlements, markets and key facilities in the three cities of the capital and some states in Darfur and Kordofan. Thousands of innocent civilians were injured.

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Washington is strengthening military bases in the Philippines to protect Taiwan



Washington is strengthening military bases in the Philippines to protect Taiwan

These facilities include shipbuilding, airstrip repair and military bases in the Philippines, ready to defend the Philippines and support the island of Taiwan, located north of the Philippines, in case of any Chinese invasion of the island.

Philippine request

The news came in a report by the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post” published on Monday.

  • The Philippines has asked the US to help build a ship and repair an airstrip at the Camilo Osias naval base in northern Cagayan province, which is accessible to Washington under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed between the two countries in 2014.
  • These bases are very close to southern Taiwan and, if strengthened and developed, could be focal points if a conflict with China erupts.
  • There are plans to add a fuel storage facility and command center at Lal Lo Airport, Cagayan.
  • US Indo-Pacific Command Commander Adm. John Aquilino and Armed Forces of the Philippines Commander Romeo Browner Jr. inspected the two sites this month to discuss increasing the number of sites Americans can access under the deal.

Mutual Defense Agreement

The EDCA agreement is a joint defense agreement that allows the US military to rotate forces for long periods of time in 5 locations in the country, located across from China, separated only by the waters of the South China Sea, and allowing Washington to build and operate facilities. For American and Philippine forces.

In February, the Philippines extended an agreement to give the Americans access to four other military bases, including Camilo Osias Naval Base and Lal Lu Airport, north of the country toward southern Taiwan.

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The Philippines and the United States have agreed that the Camilo Osias base and Lal Lu airport could play an important role in the event of an armed conflict between China and Taiwan. Forces operating there would have immediate access to defend Taiwan’s southern flank and prevent Chinese incursions into the Philippine Sea through the Bashi Channel.

The Philippines has been under military pressure from China, including incidents in recent months in which Chinese ships blocked Philippine Coast Guard vessels from reaching disputed islands.

Time indicators

Since August 2022, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has seen a serious crisis between Beijing and Washington, which China accuses of supporting Washington in its “separatist efforts”. It is bracing for the possibility of a US-China conflict in the region, particularly if Beijing invades Taiwan.

In light of this situation, political analyst Jasser Matar explains to Sky News Arabia the implications of recent US action in the Philippines, which is close to Taiwan and the Chinese mainland:

  • The Philippines has bases closest to Taiwan, which is the gateway to the south of the island.
  • The US wants to build up a military base at every point close to Taiwan. Supporting Ukraine in the event of a Chinese invasion, as it did in neighboring Poland.
  • Also, the intensity of the US presence and the development of military infrastructure in the Philippines contribute to the defense of Manila, which could be vulnerable to military action if a conflict breaks out over Taiwan.
  • This creates a crisis for China; The United States prepared Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines to defend Taiwan.
  • Washington, for its part, is betting that increasing the armaments of these allies and intensifying its presence on their lands will deter China from attacking Taiwan. So don’t open more than one front.
  • However, if a conflict breaks out in the South China Sea, it will be multilateral, not just between two countries.
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The US Defense Secretary, who visited Manila last February, reaffirmed his country’s commitment to the Philippines in the event of any attacks, as per the Mutual Defense Treaty.

“We have indicated that the mutual defense agreement applies to armed attacks on our armed forces, public vessels or aircraft anywhere in the South China Sea or the West Philippine Sea,” he said at a news conference in Austin. With his Filipino, Carlito Galvez.

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Hamdok’s dissolved government addresses the United Nations regarding al-Burhan’s participation



Hamdok’s dissolved government addresses the United Nations regarding al-Burhan’s participation

Abdallah Hamdok’s government, dissolved by the decision of Sudan’s military commander, said al-Burhan’s participation in the United Nations General Assembly in New York was “contrary to declared international positions against military coups”.

According to a memorandum signed by Abdullah Hamdok and several former ministers, the participation of the Sudanese military commander in the work of the United Nations General Assembly sends alarming and encouraging signals to the military revolutions that have recently spread in Africa.

October 2021 mentioned in the memorandum

Mr. United Nations. Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres:

Subject: Participation of the leader of the October 25 coup in Sudan at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

We, the undersigned members of the Government of Sudan formed in 2019, this year’s constitutional document, address you to clarify the following:

  • First, on October 25, 2021, a military component led by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Abdel Rahman led a military coup against the interim civilian government, leading to a complete constitutional collapse. This led to the existence of a de facto government which collapsed with the outbreak of the 15th War, a direct result of a coup against the civil government.
  • Secondly, the African Union, the UN Regional and international institutions, including the Security Council and the European Union, have rejected the military coup that undermined the interim government and halted the democratic transition process in Sudan. Coup and return of power to the people.
  • Thirdly, the invitation of the coup leader to represent Sudan in the United Nations General Assembly meetings is contrary to the above positions, and it also contributes to the continuation of the ongoing war in Sudan today. This sends very alarming and encouraging signals to the recent rise in military coups on the African continent.
  • The Glorious Revolution of December 2018 determined the Sudanese people’s stance on military coups and authoritarian regimes by recognizing the government’s full civil code and rejecting the October 25 coup, as well as defining the military’s relationship with politics. Constitution and defense of the country against external threats. To the coup leader who shares the commitment to democracy, peace and freedom as a partner in the war in Sudan today.
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