March 22, 2023

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Tuesday was created by violent volcanic eruptions

Scientists believe that an unusual rock formation found on Mars by two vehicles may indicate that the current shape of Mars was caused by more violent volcanic eruptions.

NASA’s diligent rover explores the Nellie Fossil region of Mars, including the Jessero crater, a rocky outcrop of volcanic ore, and the same ore-rich rock formations in the Joseph crater, and it orbited that area. By NASA’s Spirit Rover.

A team led by planetary geologist Steve Raff from Arizona studied data from two Mars rovers to confirm geographical similarity, suggesting that local rocks may have formed by similar processes.

“That was the Eureka moment,” Rowe said in a statement. “I saw in the Joseph trough rocks the same kind of structures found in a particular type of igneous rock found on earth.”

According to Ruff, this rock is Ingimprite, which is formed from the ash, pumice and volcanic eruptions of powerful volcanoes.

“No one recommended the Imperites as an explanation for the olive-enriched rocks on Mars, and this may be the rock that the Perseverance Rover traveled and modeled last year,” Ruff said.

Although researchers have long believed that volcanoes are responsible for the production of blue fossae, olive is a volcanic mineral. iGimbriteIf proven accurate, it could mean that the eruptions are more catastrophic than previously thought.

“Clouds of hot, earth-shattering gases and almost molten ash and pumice flow tens of thousands of miles overland and accumulate in layers hundreds of feet thick in a few days,” Rowe says.

To confirm the presence of ecliptic on Mars, scientists say they need to study rocks in a ground-based laboratory, another reason for the planned Mars mission to carry stable models to Earth.

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