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Tunisia – Arabs and the World – Dozens of heat waves recorded in the Arab world are burning


Tunisia is facing an extraordinary heat wave, which has led to dozens of fires in various parts of the country.

According to the National Meteorological Agency, Tunisia tops the list of hottest cities in Africa and the top five hottest cities in Africa.

Globally, Beja (Northwest) State ranks third in the list of hottest cities, with a temperature of 48.9 degrees on Tuesday, surpassing its new record of 48.8 recorded the day before yesterday.

The city of Fijard (North) recorded 48.9 degrees, surpassing its previous record of 45.4 set on August 9, 1999.

In Carthage, Tunisia, the new figure was 47.5, higher than the previous record of 46.8 on August 1, 1982.

The maximum temperature in Monastir (Middle East) reached 46.7, surpassing the previous record of 40.6 recorded on August 5, 2012, while the previous record of 46.5 was reached in August. 7, 1970.

Mehrez Ganucci, head of the National Weather Service’s media forecasting service, confirmed that Tunisia has been experiencing record temperatures since 1982, and that this is due to the arrival of desert winds from the Great African Sahara and the high formation of atmospheric pressure, which raises the temperature of the hot air.

Today, Wednesday, Tunisia’s Cairovan (central) and southwestern states (provinces) continue to set new records in governorate temperatures, but it, like the masses of desert winds, will know a significant drop from Friday. Retreat south and open the way for ocean currents.

In the same context, the Tunisian Ministry of Health called on all citizens to take the necessary preventive measures to cope with the high temperatures these days. See a doctor if heat stroke occurs

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For his part, Moez Teraa, a spokesman for the National Civil Defense Office in Tunisia, said 155 fires had been reported in the past 36 hours, including 12 wildfires. Dera explained that 6 wildfires are still burning in the forests of Fijarde, Gentuba and El Kef in the north of the country.

In the state of Kasar (Midwest), significant losses have been reported in mountain forests, where areas affected by the fire are estimated at 1,100 hectares of Aleppo pine, evening, juniper and allied forests. Mount Mukila and Mount Samama5.

Since Tuesday evening, simultaneous fires have erupted in the forests of Ain Draham, Bernana and Kar Ad-Dama in Jinduba (northwest), which have expanded considerably due to strong winds, while civil defense forces have intervened and evacuated locals. Areas of fire.

In addition, the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company said, “Following the record of power outages in many parts of the country, the total demand for electricity has reached a peak in the range of 4,434 MW, according to the record and unprecedented heat waves experienced by Tunisia these days. Caused damage and erupted several burns adjacent to the electrical network, which is like a fire recorded in a beautiful house in the state of Bizarre (Northern) forcing the company to cut off certain lines to protect the units from interference.Civil Security.


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