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Tunisia is not immune… and the northern regions are more vulnerable to earthquakes


Geologist: Tunisia is not immune... and northern regions are more vulnerable to earthquakes

Sukri Yaish, professor of geography and geosciences and government doctor in earth and environmental sciences, said that all countries in the world are vulnerable to earthquakes to varying degrees. , causing large losses and other areas outside of energy stress, which are prone to slight tremors.

Today, Monday, September 11, 2023, in the “Ahla Sabah” program, he confirmed that the tectonic plates are constantly moving in different directions, Tunisia is located in the north of the African tectonic plate, which is gradually advancing northward. and at a distance of 5 and 25 mm to the east, “This movement helps to store energy in the lower layers of the earth, which explodes when it reaches a certain size and is manifested in the form of earth tremors that pass from the layer. Layer until it reaches the surface and turns into an earthquake.

Shukri Yaish revealed that the African tectonic plate runs between southern Portugal, northern Morocco, northern Algeria and northern Tunisia, “which means that the northern part of Tunisia is very vulnerable to earthquakes and earthquakes.”

A professor of higher education in geography and geosciences said that earthquakes are likely to occur in the northern parts of Tunisia in the next twenty years, which he said will be moderate to strong.

In a related context, he explained that the earthquakes in Tunisia did not exceed five degrees on the Richter scale and did not cause significant damage, stressing that the movement of earthquakes in our country is somewhat lower than that observed in Morocco.

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