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Warning against neglecting oral health .. A study reveals shock


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Monday 14 March 2022


Oral health is more important than you expect, and ignoring it can do more than just cause bad breath and bleeding gums.

In this context, a new study sheds light on the serious health consequences of neglecting oral health, including high blood pressure, according to the British Express website.

In a surprising surprise, I found that if odor, bleeding and swelling in the gums are a part of your life, you may be at risk of developing heart problems!

Proper disease development

Researchers at the Eastman Institute of Dentistry at University College London did more research on the link between gum disease and the potential for high blood pressure. They examined data from 250 healthy adults with severe gum disease and compared them with 250 healthy gums.

The results revealed that people with gum disease were twice as likely to have high systolic blood pressure, also known as hypertension, than healthy gums.

This suggests that periodontald bacteria can cause damage to the gums and trigger inflammatory responses that can lead to the development of systemic diseases, including hypertension, “said Francesco Dioto, professor of periodontal disease, in a statement.

The study also concluded that patients with periodontal disease are more likely to have high blood pressure when they have “active gingivitis” that bleeds in the gums. Other symptoms of gingivitis include gingivitis, bad breath, painful chewing and gingivitis.

According to the study, the presence of active gingivitis (defined by bleeding in the gums) is associated with higher systolic blood pressure.

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Increase in glucose and bad cholesterol

Participants in periodontitis had elevated glucose, “bad” cholesterol (LDL), white blood cell (HSCRP) levels and lower levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL) compared with the control group. Showed.

“We focused on examining the relationship between acute periodontitis and hypertension in healthy adults without confirming hypertension,” the researchers revealed. Therefore, it is more appropriate to reduce the risk of gum disease than good oral health.

This can be achieved by making a floss between the teeth and following a regular brushing of the teeth twice a day for two full minutes. Attendance data are recommended for regular cleaning and examination by your dentist and dental hygienist.

It is noteworthy that high blood pressure is generally asymptomatic and many may not realize that they are at high risk of developing heart problems.

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