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Tunisian President Kais Saied revised the new draft constitution after widespread criticism


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Tunisian President Kais Saied on Friday night published a revised version of the draft constitution, which has sparked great controversy and widespread criticism since it was published in the official gazette in early July. The plan will be put to a public vote on July 25. In a video clip released by the President before the amendment was released, Saeed said, “To avoid any confusion or any interpretation, several clarifications should be added.”

After severe criticism from political organizations and parties, he released Tunisian President Kais Syed A revised version of the constitution, which he will submit to a referendum on July 25 on Friday night, Saturday, followed sharp criticism from political organizations and parties, but will not affect his broad powers.

In the new text, Sade added the phrase “under a democratic system” in chapter five, so that “Tunisia becomes part of the Islamic nation, and the state must act only under a democratic system to achieve the goals of pure Islam. The protection of life, dignity, money, religion and freedom.” .”

What has changed in the new version of the draft constitution in Tunisia?

Tunisian President Kais Syed. © AFP

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Amnesty International criticizes the chapter, saying it “permits discrimination against other religious groups”.

In a video clip released by the President before the amendment was released, Saeed said, “To avoid any confusion or any interpretation, several clarifications should be added.”

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The Tunisian president revised the draft constitution

The President added the phrase “democratic system” to Section 55 of the Rights and Freedoms Clause, so that “no restrictions shall be imposed on the rights and freedoms guaranteed in this Constitution, except by law and by a democratic necessity for the purpose of protecting the rights of the system and others, or public safety, national security.” or for the purposes of public health.”

For their part, the parties affirmed that this separation allows authorities more scope to limit freedom without supervision.

In early July, Said published a new draft constitution in the official gazette that would be put to a referendum and give the president of the republic broad powers, in stark contrast to the country’s prevailing parliamentary system.

The new version of the draft constitution does not include amendments to the president’s broad powers to enact laws, appoint the government and judges, and make personal decisions.

On Tuesday, the president, who has monopolized the country’s authorities for nearly a year, strongly defended the draft constitution, saying it was “in the spirit of revolution and the path of reform.”

Extensive review

However, the plan was met with severe criticism from parties and organisations, which felt it was “scaled” and “establishes a monopoly of power”.

Opposition parties such as the Islamist Ennahda party and the National Salvation Front (a bloc of parties and organizations) called for a boycott of the vote.

The person in charge of drafting the constitution, constitutional law expert Sadiq Belait, distanced himself from the version Saïd published, declaring “it has nothing to do with what we drafted and presented to the president.” Opening the way to totalitarian rule.”

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Tunisia has been experiencing a deep political crisis since Seyed monopolized executive and legislative powers on July 25, 2020.

The opposition, particularly the Ennahda party, and human rights organizations accuse the president of trying to adopt a crafted constitution and settle political scores with his opponents.

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