March 27, 2023

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Tunisian scientific research: “Omigron” may be a sign of the beginning of the end of the mutant virus



Tunisian research for biologists has found that the “Omigran” mutant appears to be less dangerous than previous corona virus strains, which may be a sign of “early onset and vulnerability of the virus”.

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Algeria records first infection with a mutant

Ahmed al-Rubai, a researcher at the Center for Biotechnology in Sfox and co-ordinator of Elophy Research on “Govit 19 and Genetic Factors Affecting Risk of Infection”, was quoted by the “Mosaic” website as saying that the experts at the project had come to this conclusion. Its results were revealed at Sfax University.

Al-Rubai explained in media reports about the project, “It was launched a year ago in collaboration with Sfax, Monastir, Tunis Al-Mar Universities and several university hospital organizations, including Tunis Military Hospital. It has now realized an advanced stage where it is estimated to be about 80% of its targets from the effects and the advice that comes out of it.

The Tunisian researcher on biotechnology said: “The project, which involves virology, genetics and data analysts, has completed the study of 34 specimens following the virus. , Of which 134 clumsy specimens were subjected to a complete cut of the offender.

In this regard, the Quartet points out, “Approved vaccines against the corona virus, including the Spanish flu of 1918, have helped save the lives of many human beings, as has happened in the last 3 cases in history, or 4 years ago by acquiring the collective immunity of mankind.” . ” But the cost was high, with between 50 and 100 million deaths. “

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“Despite the high prevalence rate (Omicron), it has been reported to be a great fear (exaggerated) expressed by many quarters, which has been confirmed by several credible scientific articles focusing on the limited severity of the symptoms. It produces.”