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Tunisia’s president has called for a mass referendum on the constitution


Shaban Bilal (Tunisia, Cairo)

Yesterday, Tunisian President Kais Saied called on the Tunisian people to participate en masse in a referendum on a new constitution, insisting that it would protect rights and freedoms and achieve the goals of the Tunisian revolution.
This came in a letter released by the Tunisian presidency, in which Said explained his reasons for suspending the work of the House of Representatives and creating a new constitution.
He said that the obligation to save state institutions on the brink of collapse and the repeated attempts to attack the unity of Tunisia, the avoidance of accountability and the spread of corruption prompted the organization of a national consultation in addition to the national discussion before creating a new draft. Constitution.
According to the text of the letter, Said called on Tunisians to vote “yes” in the referendum on the draft constitution “to prevent the government from falling into old age and to achieve the goals of the revolution.”
Political and popular forces in Tunisia launched national campaigns in support of participation in a new constitutional referendum on 25 July.
Tunisian political analyst Mundar Thabet said that the majority of the streets support the direction decided by President Gais Said, a clear majority that confirms the existence of a divide between the political elite and the general public. The status of the people’s relationship with the elite.
Tabet pointed out that the Tunisian people are moving towards a new republic demanding a new political situation and that there will be an important participation in the referendum, “The expected large participation will go towards the answer of yes, because the street sees. The political forces and the brotherhood are selfish, unable to manage the state and cannot achieve economic reforms.” ” Essential for economic recovery.
In turn, political analyst Nisar al-Jiladi confirmed that the Tunisian street is less fragmented than in the past during the “Brotherhood” and “party tourism” parliament, explaining that the Tunisian people are willing to come together. July 25 song.
Al-Jelidi pointed out three points that motivate the Tunisian people to participate in the referendum. First, he sees an end to the 2014 system that lost Tunisia’s economic, social and political crises in the new constitution. People’s politics are two things crises.
Hazem Kasuri, the president of the Free Tunisia Forum and a lawyer, said that Tunisia is living a festival in which the spirit of interest in the affairs of the country and its historical references has returned, especially the future of the country after the publication of the 2022 constitution. Ragged out of religious parties. “The media contributed to raising public awareness of the importance of the platform in understanding the chapters of the constitution to draw the features of the new Tunisia, which is at the heart of the democratic practice,” Kasuri explained to Al-Ittihad. Political analyst Adel al-Barini explains that the position of reading the constitution is not a careful review of its chapters and chapters, but the taste reading is based on the political position, explaining that there is a group of supporters. Another opposition, and a third group representing a third line like “Labour Union”.

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