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Turkey’s Health Minister: The “delta” strain is responsible for 90% of current corona cases


Reuters Umit Pektas

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrenheit Coca has claimed that the delta strain of the corona virus is responsible for 90% of all cases of goiter-19 in Turkey.

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Media: Turkey announces new restrictions due to corona

Today, after a government meeting on Friday, Coca-Cola said in a press release that the current number of “delta” cases of corona virus in the country has exceeded 90%, and that he also noted an increase in the number of infections in the “delta +” version, although its general effect is not large.

Coca, however, stressed that the increase in injuries was caused by “excessive movement and less adherence to precautionary measures” and that he rejected the imposition of a new closure regime in the country.

However, Coca confirmed that recent deaths have been recorded among people who have not received the full dose of the vaccine, adding: “No one who has received the full dose of the vaccine has died.”

Turkey’s health minister added that the government had no immediate plans to give a third booster dose to those who received two doses of the “Pfizer” Beyonc vaccine.

Koka’s comments came after Turkey recorded 216 deaths on Thursday, leading to an increase in the number of deaths caused by the “Kovit-19” infection.

A weekly average of 19,900 new daily cases were reported compared to 7,200 a month ago.

Turkey has offered to give extra doses to those who received the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine.

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Fifty-five percent of Turkey’s adults have been vaccinated against the corona virus in two doses.

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