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Two billion dirhams in Dubai real estate transactions


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Yesterday, real estate transactions in the Dubai real estate sector registered over two billion dirhams, of which 420 pledges worth 1.18 billion dirhams were recorded, including 47 plots of land, 368.04 million dirhams, and 373 apartments and villas worth 809.99 million dirhams.

The second mall was the most important land sale worth 198 million dirhams, followed by 17 million dirhams in the Al-Marqat area, followed by a pledge of 11 million dirhams in the Al-Marqat area.

Al-Habiyah topped the fifth region in the number of faiths; It recorded 18 pledges of 40 million dirhams, followed by the first Jebel Ali area with 5 pledges of 10 million dirhams, followed by Wadi al-Safa with 5 pledges of 21 million dirhams.

As for the most significant sale of apartments and villas, 48 ​​million dirhams was pledged in the Al-Marqat area, followed by a pledge of 26 million dirhams in the fourth Al-Tania area and finally 24 million dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area.

Al Wasl area has the highest number of sales of apartments and villas in the region; It recorded 59 pledges of allegiance worth 138 million dirhams, followed by Al Barsha South Part IV, 40 pledges of allegiance worth 29 million dirhams, followed by Business Bay, 35 pledges of pledge worth 40 million dirhams. .

There were Dh817.83 million mortgages, including 18 mortgages of land worth Dhs330.25 million and 70 mortgages of villas and apartments worth Dhs487.58 million.

Forty donations worth 52.54 million dirhams were recorded, the main one being 16 million dirhams in the neighboring Nasser area and the other 12 million dirhams in the Burj Khalifa area.

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