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Two cups of tea a day.. What do they do to human health?


Scientists concluded that drinking two cups of tea a day helps protect body health and organs as we age.

Two cups of hot drinks a day can help protect memory as you age, experts said. That’s because chemicals called flavanols, naturally found in tea, boost brain power — and thus aid memory and recall.

This effect is the same regardless of whether you prefer black or white tea.

Experts came to this conclusion after studying how flavanols – antioxidants found in many vegetables and fruits such as apples and berries, as well as tea – affect the memory of more than 3,500 people over the age of 60.
One study group took 500 mg daily, the equivalent of drinking two cups of tea.

Meanwhile, another group was given a placebo.

During the three-year study, participants were given word-memory tasks to test their memory.
At the end of the study, those who digested the flavanols felt an average of 10.5% better, and their overall diet rose to 16% for those who started with the lowest amount.

Professor Gunther Kuhn, from the University of Reading, said drinking tea was an “easy way” to increase flavonol intake.

Scientists have said that drinking green tea can prevent arthritis.

In 2003 researchers at the University of Sheffield found that two compounds in green tea could help prevent osteoporosis by inhibiting an enzyme that destroys cartilage.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking green tea can help prevent tooth decay.

A study conducted at the University of Illinois in the United States found that when people rinsed their mouths with black tea for 30 seconds five times within 15 minutes, the bacteria on their teeth stopped growing due to the presence of polyphenols. Tea fight in dental plaque.

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