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Egypt .. The official report of the hospital that caused the death of Marina Salah


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The management of the National Eye Hospital in Egypt has released the first response to the spread of its involvement in the death of Marina Salah Sarkis.

The hospital said in a statement that it had posted on its Facebook page on social networking sites: “The National Eye Hospital conveys its condolences to Ms. Marina Salah Cirquez and to all family members. The hospital management would like to clarify some facts about what happened: – Ms. Marina Salah, Saturday, May 7, suffered severe pain and blurred vision with redness of the eyes and was rushed to the National Eye Hospital where a medical examination was carried out with the help of an ophthalmologist, and the initial diagnosis of the disease was severe irritation. Ordered the necessary tests to examine whether the affected (retina).

The report added: “The patient was examined on Sunday, May 8, 2022, and clinical procedures were followed to prepare the patient:

A – (Food – Drugs – Dyes) Asking questions to the patient about the previous history of allergies and the patient responding negatively, this was done in front of the husband.

B- A cannula and an ampoule of hydrocortisone (an anti-allergic substance) were established.

Half the fluoresce was injected into a 2.5 cm ampoule. Note: There is no sensitivity test for fluorescein, which is universally recognized according to international medical guidelines, and the only way to know if you have an allergy is to ask the patient a history of any medication. Or against food allergies or dyes.

The explanatory statement continued: “After completing the fluorescein X-ray, while the patient was being monitored, a few minutes later, the patient experienced dizziness, vomiting, and nausea, which are symptoms of allergies. Given the dose of hydrocortisone, the patient’s health did not improve in the following minutes, Down, it was already called the doctor. Start the examination, immediately, with the help of the nurse who comes with the consultant, start the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, immediately (code blue) is called by the general microphone, the visit of the medical staff with 3 anesthesiologists and 2 surgical nurses, and the CPR is completed due to the absence of perceived pulse or pressure in the patient.

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The report added: “Medications for cardiac resuscitation and electrocution were given, and the patient recovered vital symptoms (pulse balance and ability to measure blood pressure), and solutions and medications continued until pressure was stabilized at 99/119. . The ambulance was called from the building electric hospital near the National Eye Hospital (50 meters away). The patient was transferred to intensive care at the hospital by paramedics with a comfortable ambulance and anesthesiologists at the hospital. Electricity is caused due to the need to complete special research of the patient (chest x-ray – CT scan of the brain). Treatment should be completed with intensive care.

The report concludes: “On the first Sunday, a lawsuit was filed between hospital doctors and al-Qahraba hospital caregivers, and the disease improved at the end of the day at 12 noon on the same day. Known as.

At the National Eye Hospital, more than 40 retinal fluoresceins are scanned daily for more than twenty years.

In addition, the hospital management ensured full readiness to fully cooperate with all supervisory authorities entrusted with conducting the investigation to determine what medical procedures were followed during the treatment of the patient.
Marina’s death caused controversy on social media. Health and Population to clarify the cause of death of citizen Marina Salah Circis at a private eye hospital in Cairo.

In his statement, Cairollah told various newspapers and websites that citizen Marina Salah Circus had suffered medical problems as a result of injecting dyes into her eyes, which ended in a catastrophe. The girl died at the hospital due to ill health.

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A few days ago, a young woman named Marina Salah Sarkis went to the famous eye hospital in Cairo to have her eyes dyed and then went to her husband for help: Distributed through their accounts on Facebook. .

The people of Marina accuse the famous eye hospital of “making her health worse by not testing her daughter for allergies before the X-ray,” she said, adding that she had symptoms in her heart and brain, and that she was on ventilators at another hospital because there was no intensive care at the first hospital charged. -Massri al-Yum newspaper says.

One of his family members wrote on Facebook: “A big medical error, we are waiting for a medical report, a report was released and a case was established in which we proved that Marina Madamesh has an allergy test.”


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