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Types of astronomical telescopes: Refractive astronomical telescope and reflective astronomical telescope right or wrong


What are the different types of astronomical telescopes, refractive astronomical telescopes and reflective astronomical telescopes? Telescopes or so-called telescopes are instruments used in many applications, the most important of which is the study of celestial bodies.

One of the types of astronomical telescopes is the refracting astronomical telescope and the reflecting astronomical telescope.

The answer is no The phrase is correctSince astronomical telescopes are among the most important instruments used in astronomy, scientists need to use this telescope to study distant objects such as celestial bodies in space, and these telescopes have some lenses. These telescopes are designed to help bring distant objects closer together and to accommodate all kinds of objects that a person cannot see with the naked eye. There are different types of telescopes, some of which are large, while others are small, including reflective astronomical telescopes, depending on the job of reflecting light, as well as the types of astronomical telescopes that depend on light and other refractions.[1]

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Functional principle of astronomical telescopes

Astronomical telescopes create an image of celestial bodies based on the presence of a mirror or lens in their work, and then view these images through a specific lens called a microscope lens, where the astronomical telescope uses a large lens. Or a large concave glass to collect the rays of different celestial bodies When these rays collect at a specific center, an inverted image of the body or celestial body is formed, which is magnified.[1]

Types of telescopes

Telescopes differ from each other in that they include larger telescopes and smaller telescopes, but the most common types of telescopes are optical telescopes and working telescopes. By radiation emitted by objects in space.[1]

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Finally, we answered a question What are the different types of astronomical telescopes, refractive astronomical telescopes and reflective astronomical telescopes? We also learned the most important information about endoscopes.


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