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UAE and Saudi Arabia accounted for 77% of trading in Arab stock markets in September



The financial markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia accounted for about 77% of the total trading of Arab stock markets in the trading month of last September.

The Arab Monetary Fund, in its monthly bulletin for Arab financial markets, which tracks the performance of 14 stock markets, estimates that the value of trading in the UAE and Saudi financial markets is about $37.5 billion of total trading in Arab stock markets. 48.8 billion dollars in the last month.

The value of UAE financial market trading was $8.5 billion last September, with $5.9 billion distributed to the Abu Dhabi Securities Market and $2.58 billion to the Dubai Financial Market.

He pointed out that the value of trading in the Saudi financial market was about 28.9 billion dollars, the trading of the Egyptian stock market was 5.32 billion dollars, the Qatar stock market was 3.01 billion dollars, and the value of the Kuwait stock market was 3.01 billion dollars. 2.52 billion dollars.

The value of trading on the Muscat Stock Exchange reached $132.9 million, the Amman Stock Exchange reached $112.5 million, the Beirut Stock Exchange reached $75.4 million, the Palestine Stock Exchange reached $72.7 million, and the Bahrain Stock Exchange reached $27.6 million. reached $17 million, and the Damascus Stock Exchange reached $7.3 million.

In terms of market value of Arab stock markets, the Abu Dhabi market registered a growth of 4.1% to reach $776.5 billion, while the market value of the Dubai market increased by about 1.64% to $189.6 billion, the Arab Monetary Fund report indicated.

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According to the bulletin, the market value of the Egyptian Stock Exchange rose 7.6% to $44.4 billion, the Damascus Stock Exchange rose 1.59% to $4.01 billion, the Qatar Stock Exchange gained 0.3% to $165.9 billion, and the Amman Stock Exchange gained 0.2%. % to $23.8 billion.

The capitalization of the Saudi financial market reached $3.04 trillion, the Kuwait stock market reached $133.07 billion, the Muscat stock market reached $61.07 billion, and the Casablanca stock market reached $58.9 billion.

The bulletin showed that the capitalization of the Beirut Stock Exchange was about $18.2 billion, the Tunisian Stock Exchange was about $7.66 billion, and the Palestine Stock Exchange was about $4.88 billion.

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