The United Arab Emirates has pledged that sustainable housing is a goal aimed at fulfilling the expectations and aspirations of the Arab family, which is a critical issue that requires diligent work, concerted efforts and collaborative action to turn future plans and strategies into real work. Plans for a brighter future for future generations.

This came in the wake of a speech by His Excellency the Director of the Sheikh Saeed Housing Project, Jameela Al-Fandi, on the eve of the 86th meeting of the Council of Arab Housing and Reconstruction Ministers in Arabia. The League headquarters in Cairo, in the presence of several ministers and officials in the housing sector in the Arab world.

In his speech, Engineer Jameela Al-Fondi congratulated the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, His Excellency Suhail bin Mohammed Faraz Faris Al Masroui, on the role of the Ministers of Housing and Reconstruction in the arena. He hoped that the meeting would enhance joint cooperation in the field of housing and urban development and move this vital sector towards a brighter future. Achieving the happiness and quality of life of the Arab people by fulfilling the aspirations of the governments.

As a factor of comprehensive sustainable growth, the world is calling for more discussions and joint action to achieve the sustainability of the housing sector.

Al-Bandi stressed the importance of this meeting in light of the challenges facing the sector as a result of the steady and rapid growth of the population and stressed the need to meet the growing need for housing and the suffering of our Arab countries. The difficult situations the world experiences.

The wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates is focusing more on the housing sector because it has devoted a lot of discussions and debates within the planning framework for the next fifty years … emphasizing that the UAE is fully ready to cooperate. The various Arab brethren will serve in this field, contributing to its sustainability for future generations and providing its scientific and practical expertise in this vital area.

The joint housing development strategy was followed, and the United Nations discussed joint cooperation with the Human Settlement Program and Arab cooperation with regional and international groups in the field of housing and reconstruction. Council of Arab Housing and Reconstruction Ministries, and other topics of general interest and importance of using the latest planning methods and advanced applications in the housing sector.

The United Arab Emirates also participated in the work of the 67th meeting of the Technical Science Advisory Committee on Housing of the Arab Council of Ministers, which paves the way for discussions on the recommendations and submission to the Arab Cabinet on Housing and Infrastructure.