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UAE Stocks… Margin trading is concentrated in 3 firms


Abu Dhabi: Muhannat Dagar

Margin trade recorded in the UAE markets for the week, in terms of value, reached 570 million dirhams (buying and selling), with volumes reaching 194.5 million shares (buying and selling), with 376.75 million dirhams distributed in the Abu Dhabi market, compared to 192.28 million dirhams in the Dubai market. 117.36 million shares in Abu Dhabi and 77.13 million shares in Dubai.

Purchases, by volume, recorded 56 million shares in Abu Dhabi, worth 201.3 million dirhams bought on margin, compared to sales worth 175.46 million dirhams in Abu Dhabi.

In Dubai, buying was worth 88.8 million dirhams and selling was about 103.4 million dirhams and the volume of buying reached 38.57 million shares, and 38.5 million shares were sold.

Three companies accounted for 36% of the weekly margin trading in the UAE markets (buying and selling) equivalent to 206.3 million dirhams, namely: “Q Holding”, “Emaar Properties” and “Gulf Navigation”.

“Q Holding” was the most traded company with 91.3 million dirhams of buying and selling, and the company’s board of directors approved the company’s acquisition of all shares of “ADQ Real Estate and Hotel Investments” and “IHC Capital” last week. Holding” Company (Vendors) in Moden Real Estate Company.

The Board has approved the acquisition of all the shares of “ADQ Real Estate and Hotel Investments” in Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions, “Misa Investments”, “Coast 1 Limited”, a limited company and “Coast 2 Limited”. and “ORYX Action Restricted Limited” (the Targeted Entities), in addition to certain other land holdings (the Targeted Assets).

Abu Dhabi

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In terms of the most traded companies by value (buying and selling), “Q Holding” came out on top with 91.3 million dirhams, of which 58.45 million dirhams were bought, compared to 32.86 million dirhams sold, and volumes recorded 21.6 million shares, of which 17.7 million shares were sold. Buy compared to 9.9 million shares sold.

In second place is “International Holding” with 31.27 million dirhams, 27.6 million dirhams were distributed in purchases, compared to sales worth 3.67 million dirhams, the volume of shares was only 78.2 thousand shares, of which 69 thousand shares were bought, 9.2 thousand shares were sold.

Third, “Multiplay”, worth 24.5 million dirhams, recorded 13 million purchases compared to 11.5 million sales, while 7 million shares distributed by 3.75 million buying shares were recorded, compared to 3.3 million sold shares.

Fourth, “Altar Properties”, worth 22.24 million dirhams, was distributed with 10.24 million purchases compared to 12 million sales, while traded volumes recorded 3.9 million shares, of which 1.8 million were purchases, compared to 2.1 million shares. Sales.


“Emaar Properties” is the top margin trading in the Dubai market, by value, about 66.6 million dirhams, of which 13.45 million dirhams were bought, compared to 53.2 million dirhams sold, the volume of shares is divided into 9.4 million shares. Purchase of 1.9 million shares and sale of 7.5 million shares.

Gulf Navigation was second with a value of 48.3 million dirhams, including 38 million buys and 10.3 million dirhams sold. Volume 6.87 million shares, including 5.4 million buys and 1.47 million sell shares.

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Third, GFH Financial Group bought 7.2 million dirhams with 15.16 million dirhams, selling 7.96 million dirhams. In terms of volume, it is about 16.4 million shares, of which 7.8 million shares were bought, compared to 86 million shares sold.

Fourth, “Ajman Bank came in, with margin trading of 7.6 million dirhams in its shares, by value (2.84 million buying, compared to 4.66 million selling), while buying volumes reached 3.66 million shares, including 1.4 million buying shares. Compared to 2.26 million traded shares.

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