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UAE University welcomes new students for the 2021-2022 academic year


Al-Ain: “Gulf”
Jackie Anwar Nusibe, Cultural Adviser to the President of the State, Supreme President of the University of the United Arab Emirates, gave a talk on getting new students and starting work for teaching and administrative staff. Procedures and special precautions for the start of the new academic year, in which he said: “Although we are still facing exceptional circumstances. With the Govt-19 epidemic, limiting the possibilities of our social interactions on campus, but thanks to hard work, we have succeeded in protecting ourselves and others and ensuring the safety of our campus in the long run.” We are implementing activities, which means we can now meet each other and come to campus and enjoy all the other benefits.
Addressing the new students, he said: “You are the supreme symbol of our country’s development and the success of our leadership. You now accept the responsibility of hard work by appreciating the efforts of those who created this opportunity for you.”
He added: “The University of the United Arab Emirates is a laboratory for thought and innovation, and a place for future leaders who bring knowledge and wisdom to put new ideas into practice. Therefore, your participation in university education in the country refers to history and destiny. Women were eager to provide these great opportunities.
He added that the most important part of starting a new school year is meeting people face to face. However, the same practices require our contacts to be virtual for specific groups, specific periods, and certain activities, so we are lucky because we have the technical tools and services to help us overcome social distance challenges.
On his return to university life, he said: “I urge you to dedicate yourself to caring for the community, protecting the university, and working hard to achieve its goals. Thanks.
Jackie Anwar Nusibe welcomed the new students: “We would like to emphasize the importance of you joining the UAE University, the first university in the country to be established as soon as it was established. Preserving our history and building this foundation to safeguard a prosperous future.”
The start of the 2021-2022 academic year is of special significance as it coincides with some of the country’s most important events over the next 12 months as the country celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, welcoming the world to Dubai Expo 2020, and launching its mandate as an elected member of the United Nations Security Council. The United States sent the message, “We are strong with our union.”
The university administration has prepared a plan to receive new students through the “Welcome Al-Sa” program, which will continue until Thursday, which will begin with students receiving housing and university cards, and then the awareness and guidance activities for university life through virtual. Displaying introductory videos on campus facilities tours and facilities The university organizes open day sessions on university life by introducing students to guide and how to choose majors, complete registration, hybrid education and technical support. Completion dates in English, Arabic, Mathematics and Science from the Educational Counseling Program.

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