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UAE uses artificial intelligence to tackle crises


Since 2017, the UAE has launched the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, which aims to achieve the goals of “Century 2071” and to implement future development plans and programs and to rely on 100% data analysis in 2031, especially in anticipating and managing problems and mitigating health, climate, social and other crises, which The first strategy is

The UAE must rely on artificial intelligence in all sectors to improve efficiency, accelerate achievements, reduce accidents and operational costs.
In a recent study, the Center for Strategic Analysis at the Center for Strategic Studies in Abu Dhabi said that one of the reasons for the use of artificial intelligence in many sectors is to anticipate and manage crises and reduce their damage, as traditional methods are no longer effective. Given the enormous material and human losses caused by them.
Advanced methods
The center said that the importance of finding improved methods and practical and quick methods to deal with crises, natural disasters and others has grown strongly in the past years and questions have been raised about the roles artificial intelligence can play in dealing with these crises. and the extent to which it is used to provide decision makers with appropriate tools and information to reduce their risks.

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Interregional explained that the applications of artificial intelligence in crises are numerous, in supporting the decision-making process based on information and using a set of algorithms that reduce errors and increase the likelihood of reaching an appropriate decision with extreme accuracy.
Artificial intelligence can analyze large amounts of data with great accuracy. It enables decision-making to identify popular ideas and trends, analyze them and anticipate their trajectories. It also contributes to anticipating certain potential crises and creating early warning systems that help map potential risks.
The center explained that artificial intelligence technologies have great capabilities to collect and process data in real-time so that task forces can respond to a crisis. It reduces risks and speeds up emergency operations.
Simulation models based on artificial intelligence techniques can generate a large number of data and process a large number of orders and analyze them at the time of registration, compared to traditional analyzes and consultations, accelerating the decision maker's informed decisions, which increases the ability to respond. When crises occur.

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The “interregional” study indicated that the use of artificial intelligence systems in crisis management poses several challenges, the most important of which are: dealing with the privacy and sensitivity of certain information and the inability to make decisions using the necessary emotions in some cases. Unbiased quantity and quality of quality are available, which leads to defects, blurring and inaccuracy. In final releases.
“Using artificial intelligence to address crises requires training and qualification of various stakeholders and organizations involved in decision-making, as well as providing transparent and accurate data and high-quality inputs to ensure sound decision-making and predict potential scenarios.”
One of the most important challenges is the energy consumption challenge by artificial intelligence systems based on data centers, sensors, robots, Internet of Things, communications and others, which need to use sustainable energy to reduce. Harmful environmental impacts.
The Center emphasized on providing a suitable framework for using artificial intelligence to predict crises, better understand their potential risks, plan ahead to mitigate their potential damages, and determine the best methods of response in the short term.

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