March 20, 2023

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Ukraine's military: We are creating "we can not talk" victories

Ukraine’s military: We are creating “we can not talk” victories

“Unfortunately, we can not talk about all our successes so far without disrupting the program,” said the Ukrainian news agency Army General Staff.

And the authority added: “But trust us, everything will be clear in due course, we will win together, our struggle continues.”

Civil servants said that Ukrainian forces were conducting fierce counter-attacks to retake areas under their control. Russian forces.

He added: “Intensive warfare inflicts casualties on the enemy, not only on units of the Ukrainian military, but also on ordinary, unarmed civilians, showing their position to the occupiers (Russian forces) and causing psychological defeat.”

Authorities say Russian forces are “disappointed” and that their soldiers and officers continue to “surrender or flee, leaving behind weapons and equipment.”

Since the beginning of the invasion, the Ukrainian side has been broadcasting news on the face of the Russians about the military’s resilience and ability to inflict casualties on Russian forces at the level of soldiers and equipment and capture dozens.

In the context of information competition between the two sides, the Russian president signed Vladimir PutinThe bill, which was approved by parliament on Friday, would impose a 15-year prison sentence on anyone who spreads false news or information contrary to the government’s approach to the invasion.

Official Russian news agencies reported that the bill was passed in its third and final reading.

The development comes amid a campaign by independent Russian media outlets criticizing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began last week.

The law will come into force on Saturday, State Duma Speaker Vyasaslav Volodin said.

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Anyone who publishes information deemed inappropriate by the Russian authorities could face up to three years in prison or up to 15 years in prison if the authorities deem it to have “serious consequences.”