April 1, 2023

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Union Cooperative reduces the price of 10 thousand items

Today, Union Coop announced the official launch of its Ramadan campaign, reducing the prices of over 10,000 basic food and consumer goods during Ramadan.

Union Cooperative Executive Director Abdullah Muhammad Rafi Al-Talal said during the Cooperative Annual Conference to announce its preparations for the month of Ramadan, “Cooperative Ramadan is considered one of the promotional campaigns for 2023. Promotions are exceptional because they include discounts on a large number of basic items, whether food or non-food, and items that are highly consumed by consumers.

He added that offers and discounts will be launched at all branches of the cooperative and its website and smart application during the Ramadan campaign covering all items including food and beverages, electronics and home appliances to meet the growing demand throughout the month. Ramadan.

Al-Dalal pointed out that the country’s retail sector is witnessing steady growth, which is evident in the current level of competition in the markets and the promotional campaigns launched by all outlets, all of which are of interest. Consumers. He stressed that the Ramadan Cooperative Campaign targets all social groups, takes cultural diversity into account and provides products at reasonable prices according to the extent of their different budgets. Plus up to 75% off.

The auctioneer also said that the campaign will be available at all branches and business centers owned by the cooperative, indicating that the campaign continues till the end of Ramadan, for 60 days, with different offers and discounts.

He said that the cooperative is keen to offer a large quantity, high quality and competitive price of the products included in the Ramadan offers, explaining that the promotional offers include basic food and consumer products including rice, chicken, tinned food, fruits and vegetables. , special Ramadan items and other items and products.

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He emphasized that all the discounts in the Union file will not affect the quality, standards and specifications of the products and materials included in the campaign, not compromising quality in exchange for price or reducing prices is one of the most important pillars of the cooperative.