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United Arab Emirates and Hungary .. Exchange of cultures and dialogue of civilizations


Sharjah (Union)

During the official visit to the State of Hungary, representatives of the Department of Government Relations in Sharjah, led by the Head of the Department Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi, met with the Honorable Minister of Culture and Innovation Janos Kazak and others. Cultural cooperation between the authorities, the Emirate of Sharjah and the Hungarian side.
Sheikh Fahim al-Qasimi praised the Hungarian state for being active in economic and tourism events in the United Arab Emirates during a meeting with Hungarian ministers attended by the country’s ambassador to Budapest, South Hamad al-Shamsi. The Budapest Cultural Project is one of the most important public parks in the world and an archive of nationally important cultural and recreational facilities, highlighting the roots of Hungarian civilization and the strength of its influence over time. .

Road map
During his talks with the Hungarian Minister, Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi pointed out the opportunities for cooperation and mutual investment between the two sides in key areas such as education, innovation and health, community and cultural and cultural services. Scientific events, culture, tradition and sustainable social development indicate the similarities between the experiences of the two communities that are one of the most important elements of their identity and future plans.
Sheikh Fahim al-Qasimi stressed the importance of integrating inter-community relations and the unity of their destiny, despite the challenges that the world went through, and demonstrated collective action aimed at the common good. Targeting has become a condition for comprehensive and sustainable development, and meetings with officials illustrate that Hungarians were interested in establishing a solid roadmap for joint action in the present and in the future.

  • During the delegation’s visit to the cultural and heritage sites in Hungary

“Music House”
As part of his program in Hungary, representatives of the Department of Government Relations in Sharjah visited the “Hungarian Music House” and met with the director of the museum, Professor Bada Andreas, who gave him an overview of the aesthetics of building design. It takes into account the criteria of environmental sustainability, and its design was inspired by echo waves, where the director of the museum took a tour with the delegation, which included a theater, classrooms, music library, and theaters designated for concerts. Events and temporary exhibitions.
The delegation visited the museum, which shows the stages of development of Hungarian music in particular and European music in general, with an innovative display using the latest technology and interactive methods. At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi praised the aesthetic design of the museum building and the unconventional way of displaying the content. He discussed with the Hungarian side the possibility of cooperating with the “House of Wisdom” in Sharjah. And Sharjah Heritage are holding joint exhibitions between the two sides.

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Fine arts
Representatives of the Department of Government Relations in Sharjah concluded their official visit to Hungary with two separate tours, including the “Budapest Fine Museum” and the “National Preservation and Storage”, where it visited the Fine Arts Museum’s halls. Divided chronologically, they each contain a collection of collections belonging to a particular century. Representatives of the department were also briefed on the latest technologies using X-rays at the National Museum of Defense and Storage. To restore and preserve historical artifacts. Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi was accompanied on his official visit to Hungary by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Muslim, President of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage; Reth Abdullah Bukhari, Coordinator of International Relations at the Sharjah Institute for Heritage. Qawla Al Hashimi, Director of Marketing and Business Relations, Director, Department of Marketing and Business Relations, International Free Zone, Sharjah Airport;

Excellent architectural design
During the delegation’s program, the Hungarian Parliament building was considered one of the most beautiful and largest parliament buildings in the world, where a detailed explanation of the building’s history, its components and contents was heard.

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