May 22, 2022

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Unprecedented rise in temperature in the coldest parts of the world

Unprecedented rise in temperature in the coldest parts of the world

Temperatures rose at the Concordia Research Station Antarctica On March 18, the temperature dropped to 11.3 degrees Celsius in the region known as Dom C, the coldest place on Earth.

Scientists estimate that the temperature recorded that day was about 38 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature of the place.

The recorded temperature has provoked the opinions of specialized scientists By weatherRobert Rudy, chief scientist at the Berkeley Earth Group, which specializes in analyzing Earth’s temperature data, said on Twitter: Meteorology Will be “.

According to Randall Cervini, professor of geology at Arizona State University, who oversees World Meteorological Organization records, this type of record – no higher or lower than normal – has not been verified. System, but the temperature reads that heat seems real. “

CNN meteorologist Etienne Kapikian said: The temperature recorded at Concordia Station was not only recorded in March, but completely unprecedented.

It is noteworthy that Concordia was not the only station that recorded the hottest day of the day, as the famous Russian research site “Vostok” reported the coldest. Temperatures The average temperature in the world is 63 degrees Celsius minus 17 degrees Celsius.

This causes excessive heat Antarctica Concerns about the long-term effects of snow, especially if global warming continues.

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