March 23, 2023

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Urgent video.. Mido announces withdrawal from Ismaili training

Ahmed Hosam Mido confirmed that Ismaili goalkeepers’ coach Mohamed Abdel Mansef has contacted him and informed him that the club’s management has informed him of its decision to remove “Mido” and his entire technical staff from the leadership of the Dervishes. In the tie trap at Ismailia Stadium in front of Kassel El Mahalla.

Mido said in the reports of the “Remontada” program: “We could have killed the match after we went ahead with a goal, but we were punished by wasting chances. I thank the players for fighting, but not taking chances. The main reason for the tie.”

And he continued: “I leave full freedom to the board of directors of the club to make the right decision for the club, and I was surprised by the call of Mohammed Abdel Mansef that the board of directors of the Ismaili club contacted him and they informed him. A decision has been made to leave Mido and I worked hard for the Ismaili club in Egypt. The whole testifies.

Ahmed Hosam Mido accused Ismaili Club’s board of directors of not personally informing him of his decision to leave the team.

Mido said, “I was hoping that the board of directors of the Ismaili Club would communicate with me, but in the end I will respect the board’s decision.”

And he continued, “We’re still in the middle of the battle and we’ve managed to make up the points gap between us and the clubs that are further up the table, but I’m not the club president.”

He concluded: “I hope to finish my journey with Ismaili and I hope the team stays in the league. There is no coach in Egypt who has accepted to work for Ismaili in such circumstances.”

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