Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Urgent warning from Ministry of Home Affairs regarding weather


The Ministry of Home Affairs, through its official account on the social network “Twitter”, called on the public to protect vehicles, exercise caution while driving and follow the instructions of competent authorities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on its Twitter page said, “Due to the prevailing weather conditions in the eastern and northern parts of the country and the possibility of rain with hail, we request the honorable public to protect vehicles and exercise caution while driving. and to comply with the instructions of competent authorities.”

For its part, Dubai Police has sent a warning message to phones to stay away from beaches, avoid ravines and be cautious while driving during the current weather fluctuations.

In a text message, Dubai Police said, “The city of Dubai is prone to weather fluctuations, so please stay away from beaches, avoid valleys, floodplains and low-lying areas, and exercise caution and caution when driving. For instructions from competent authorities.”

In a related context, the Sharjah Police General Command has called on motorists to exercise caution while driving due to the rain.

Police stressed the need to leave adequate space between vehicles, slow down and ensure roads are handled with caution for everyone’s safety.

It has also been advised not to approach valleys and dams where they flow.



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