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US: Silos on the border with Ukraine withdraws grain from Russia


But he insisted during a visit to the United Nations Wilsack However, the resumption of exports from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports is the most effective and efficient way to export grain, and he urged Russia to “seriously” take UN-led talks on the issue.

“We know the circumstances and conditions under which this happened – the Russians took the grain from Ukrainian farmers. If we could take it out of the country, it would be an advantage to reduce the risk of loss,” Wilsak told reporters. .

Russia denies theft allegations Cereals of Ukraine.

Is it the US Satellite Image Company Maxer For the past two months, Russian-flagged ships have been transporting Ukrainian grain to Syria, according to technology.

US President Joe Biden has said that there will be Construction of temporary ditches on the border with Ukraine In an effort to help export more grains and tackle the growing global food crisis. Wilsock did not provide any other details about US involvement in the process.

“We want to see the ports open because it is a very efficient way to transport that grain, but it will take some time even if the port is open. So there should still be a place to store the grain,” he added. .

He said additional storage space was also needed as Ukraine would soon harvest its winter crop.

And from War in Ukraine, Ukrainian grain exports were halted and more than 20 million tons were trapped in pits. And fuel for war Global food crisis With rising prices of grains, cooking oils, fuels and fertilizers.

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Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, on Thursday blamed Western governments’ policies for triggering a food and energy crisis and said Russia was not responsible.

The United Nations is trying to create an agreement to restart Ukrainian exports Moscow says Russian food and fertilizer exports have been hit by sanctions.

The United States and the European Union have said Russia’s food and fertilizer are not subject to sanctions. But they promised to clarify and reassure companies involved in such Russian exports.

Joseph Borrell, EU foreign policy chief; At the Security Council, he said the “easiest way” was to reopen. Ports of Ukraine It is up to Russia to stop the war.

“The military risks of navigating the region will inevitably lead to higher costs for insurance and transportation, which will further fuel the current crisis,” he said.

Russia on Wednesday said it would provide a “safe route” for Ukraine’s grain exports. Black Sea ports But it is not responsible for building the columns, and Turkey has suggested that ships could be operated around sea tunnels.

Ukraine fears that the removal of its ports could make it more vulnerable to Russian attacks from the Black Sea.

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