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Useful Ways to Enable Safe Mode in Windows 11


Occasionally, our computers and laptops get problems like bugs, malware and viruses. In these cases, ways are needed to deal with these problems quickly and efficiently. Windows 11 has a feature called “Safe Mode” that helps you solve these problems safely without being affected by malware. In this article, we will highlight 4 best ways to enable Safe Mode in Windows 11.

First method: Use the Shift key

You can enable safe mode in Windows 11 through keyboard shortcuts. Press the Shift key and reboot the device. When you reboot, a blue screen appears. Choose the “Troubleshoot” option, choose “Advanced options”, choose “Startup settings” and press “Restart”. A list of options for enabling Safe Mode will appear. Choose the appropriate number for you.

Second method: Use the Settings app

You can also enable Safe Mode in Windows 11 through the Settings app. Find the Settings app in the list or press the Windows button and type “recovery” to access the general settings. Go to “Advanced Startup” and press “Restart”. A blue screen will appear. Choose “Troubleshoot,” then “Advanced Options,” then “Startup Settings,” and press “Restart.” Select the appropriate number to activate the security mode.

Method 3: Use the System Configuration Tool

You can use System Configuration tool which is a manual way to enable safe mode in Windows 11. Press the Windows button and type “msconfig” to open the configuration tool. Go to the “Start” tab, select “Safe Mode” and choose how you want to enable Safe Mode. Click “Apply” and then “Restart” to apply the changes.

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Method 4: Use the command line

If you can’t access safe mode using the previous methods, you can use the command line. Find “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator”. Type the following commands:
Bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes
shutdown /r /d 0
A list of operating options will appear. Select the appropriate number to activate the security mode.

These methods contain specific steps to enable safe mode in Windows 11. When you encounter problems with your computer, we recommend you to try these useful methods.

Common questions

What is Security Mode in Windows 11?
Safe Mode in Windows 11 is a mode that allows you to run the operating system with only essential applications, without running any malware or viruses.

Does protection mode affect the functionality of my device?
Safe Mode may affect your device’s functionality temporarily as it disables some unwanted programs and functions, but it protects your device from security risks.

Can I always enter Safe Mode in Windows 11?
No, safe mode is only used to fix temporary problems and errors in the system. Once the problem is solved, you can return to the normal mode of the operating system.

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