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Apple describes its iPhone 15 Pro as “the best gaming console ever”.


By Mounis Hawass

Monday, September 18, 2023 at 08:00 AM

Express the string while keyword iPhone 15 This week, Apple put some emphasis on the gaming prowess of its new A17 Pro processor, and in a new interview with gaming site IGN’s Taylor Lyles, a trio of Apple executives offered more details about the company’s plans to replace the iPhone 15. “The ultimate gaming console.” “In the world.

According to the US website 9to5mac, the iPhone 15 Pro is powered by the all-new A17 Pro chip, which focuses heavily on improving the performance of the graphics processing unit, and the new “professional” graphics processing unit offers a new six-core. Apple says the design is not only efficient, but also performance-enhancing.Expect up to 20% faster GPU performance with power and for the first time hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

IGN sat down with Jeremy Sandmel, Apple’s senior director of GPU software, Tim Millett, vice president of platform engineering, and Kian Trans, vice president of global iPhone product marketing, to dig deeper into the gaming focus of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Millett stressed in the interview that Apple’s goal isn’t necessarily to compete directly with specific consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S, but instead to focus on creating a platform and tools that directly appeal to game developers.

“We’re focusing on developers and titles in gaming, less trying to compete with consoles. I think console is a convenient way to talk about classic games and the types of games we play. Targeting developers, they’ve been successful in bringing that out there. We’ve done our best to give developers the same tools. We have done it all and are working hard with them.

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In response to the iPhone 15 Pro overheating and failing to maintain performance in high-intensity games, Trans explained:

“That’s part of the benefit of our design for a specific iPhone model. So, at the system level, we can work in teams to understand how that works and how that will play out in actual gameplay. Can we just hit those great frame rates and peak performance and graphics that Jeremy talked about, But I know we’re doing a lot on the SoC side, we’re doing a lot on the software side to make sure we’re making that experience a great experience.

Part of the responsibility falls on the developer to strike the right balance between performance, quality, and more, Millett said:

The screen has some amazing scaling technology. The GPU can do the scaling, so with features like ray tracing and mesh shading and a more advanced compute architecture, the developer has access to all of these algorithms to find the best balance between compute, quality, performance, frame rate. And resolution, and then putting it all together at the software and system level to make sure that we have a stable, high performance, long battery life and a comfortable experience for someone to play these great games, so we’ve designed. We believe we have succeeded in making the gaming experience great, including ensuring that performance and battery life are consistent.

Sandmel points to the old adage of “it’s the best gaming console you own,” but Apple isn’t aiming for that this time around. Instead, Sandmel believes the iPhone will be “a great gaming console.”

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In addition to the interview, Apple’s decision to conduct an interview with IGN is notable as an example of the company moving outside of its normal marketing circles in an effort to reach a new audience with a special interest in gaming.

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