June 3, 2023

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Vergovna Rada banned the Russian war symbols “Z” and “V”

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The Ukrainian parliament on Sunday banned the use of the “Z” and “V” symbols used by the Russian military to promote its war in Ukraine, but agreed to President Volodymyr Zhelensky’s call to allow them to be used for educational or historical purposes.

Opposition MP Jaroslav Zelesnyak announced the decision by telegram, with 313 out of 423 MPs voting in favor.

Zhelensky exercised his right to reject the earlier draft of the bill, calling for the “Z” and “V” symbols to be allowed on display in museums, libraries, intellectual works, textbooks, and more.

None of these characters are in the Russian alphabet, but they have been used extensively to enhance conflict motives, especially in Russian military vehicles and equipment.

The new law prohibits the creation of NGOs that use the symbol of the Russian war or undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty.

On Sunday, Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine extended the rule of law for another 90 days, or until August 23.


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