August 9, 2022

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بالفيديو: براد بيت قاتل محترف

Video: Brad Pitt is a hitman

International star Brad Pitt appeared in the first commercial for the movie Bullet Train, on a train between a group of assassins, due to an interesting movement in the movie starring Brad Pitt.

Sony Pictures has released the first commercial for the star-studded movie, which is scheduled to release exclusively in theaters on July 15.

Of the many professionals killed on a luxury train, the events of the film revolve around the hero Brad Pitt, who plays the role of a professional assassin who wonders if confronting Brad is not their main task, but assigned to them. The same task, they have to deal with him to do the task themselves.

The climax of suspense and suspense in the movie is when Brad and Bad meet Bunny on the train, and the latter tries to stab him, claiming that he does not know Brad, but Bunny fails to kill him.

He co-starred with Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny star Joey King and Sandra Bullock in the film directed by David Leach and written by Zach Okwezek, but with the exception of Aaron, he did not appear in the first teaser. Taylor-Johnson, Brian Terry Henry, Andrew Cookie and Michael Shannon and Andrew Cozy.

Twenty-four hours later, the first trailer of the film, based on the Japanese novel Maria Beat by author Kottaro Izaka, received over 4 million views on Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube.