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Video: Israel successfully tests advanced laser protection system


Pointed out Gantz The Israeli-made system is designed to complete a series of air defense systems, such as the precious iron dome used by Israel, which will be operational “soon”.

Gantz added that the goal is to deploy a laser-based system around the border Israel In the next decade. The test was conducted last month in the Negro Desert.

In February, Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett announced that Israel would begin using the system within a year to send a message to its main adversary, Iran.

Gantz said the laser-based system would be part of an “effective, inexpensive and innovative security framework.”

Israel has already developed or deployed a series of systems designed to intercept everything from long-range missiles to missiles fired a few kilometers away. It also has a missile defense system in its tanks.

Not much is known about the effectiveness of the laser system, but it is expected to be used on land, air and sea.

The announcement comes on the anniversary of the 11-day war between Israel and Gaza, when the anti-Islamic movement (Hamas) in Gaza fired more than 4,000 missiles at Israel.

Israel said the Iron Dome defense system was a huge success, with a 90 percent interception rate against incoming rockets. But officials say the system will be more expensive to use and a system based on the new laser technology will be less expensive.

The Ministry of Defense released a short video claiming to have successfully intercepted rockets, motors and drones. The record, which was heavily edited and featured music, showed a laser beam emanating from the ground station, hitting targets and breaking them into small pieces.

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Thursday’s announcement comes amid talks about resuming a nuclear deal with world powers, which Israel opposes, saying it is not enough to control Iran’s nuclear program or its military operations in the region, and that Israeli officials will do what is necessary. To protect the country.

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