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Video: Mike Tyson stabs a passenger on a plane in the United States


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has joined the ranks of troubled passengers on flights.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson crashed into a plane with an aggressive passenger, who began harassing him while he was sitting in his seat and throwing a bottle of water at him,” Tyson’s spokesman John Mignano said in a statement.

According to TMZ, he captured a video received by TMZ Sports on a Jet Blue Airways flight in San Francisco.

The video clip shows a person repeatedly beating what appeared to be another passenger sitting in the seat behind him.

The video released by TMZ did not show the full incident as the water bottle could not be seen in the footage released on stage.

The punching section lasts about 10 seconds, and you may hear another person calling out, “Hey Mike, Mike,” who seems to be trying to resolve the conflict.

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, the PST reported, “Police officers were sent to a physical collision on a plane located at the local terminal of San Francisco International Airport,” the San Francisco Police Department said.

Two people believed to be involved in the incident have been arrested and one is being treated for life-threatening injuries, the Directorate of Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.

Police said the man “provided some details about the incident and refused to co-operate further with the police investigation.”

Both men were released “pending trial” and refused to identify any of them.

Police said they were aware of a video documenting the clash and shared the video with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

San Mateo County Detective Javier Acosta told CNN that the bureau would handle the investigation and declined to name anyone, citing an ongoing investigation.

JetBlue Airways did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Tyson was in San Francisco on Wednesday for an event at Golden Gate Park to promote his cannabis brand, according to the event’s website and video posted online.

Action should be taken against passengers involved in the riots

The FAA said there was no information at the time of a passenger crash on a Jet Blue Airways flight Wednesday morning.

In a statement to CNN, the U.S. Department of Transportation said it was “reviewing all airline reports on passenger disruptions”.

For more information the FAA forwarded CNN to local law enforcement.

2021 is the worst year based on reports of unruly passenger behavior during epidemics.

In 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration recorded 5,981 reports of passengers involved in riots.

Following a sharp increase in runway passenger accidents in 2020, the administration introduced the “Zero Tolerance” policy on January 13, 2021.

Under the policy, passengers could be fined for unruly behavior rather than warning or counseling messages, and the FAA said the cases could lead to criminal investigations.

The FAA on Wednesday confirmed that it will perpetuate the zero tolerance policy for unruly travelers.

The announcement comes after the federal mask-wearing accreditation for public transport was revoked on Monday, and the judiciary has appealed against the ruling.

The incident on Wednesday’s Jet Blue flight did not appear to be wearing unnecessary masks at the moment.

However, mask-related accidents currently make up the majority of reports of unruly behavior by passengers.

By 2022, the FAA has already received 1,233 riot passenger reports.

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