March 23, 2023

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Video of water leaking inside after the opening of a Saudi Arabian hospital .. and official comment

Video of water leaking inside after the opening of a Saudi Arabian hospital .. and official comment

Over the past few hours, images of a pilgrim staying in the shadow of a man in a large mosque have spread, and it was later discovered that the man was her brother and that the owner of the images was a Saudi photographer named Abdul. Rahman al-Sahli.

As he spoke the photographer captured the scene from many angles To the “before” newspaperThe woman said Saudi Arabia was trying to avoid the heat of the sun at the time.

As the pictures spread, its owner went outside to announce His Instagram account She is a woman of purpose, and her page says she is a nutritionist and blogger of Palestinian descent living in Chicago.

Abir al-Najjar explained that the images had spread across multiple sites, that he was “overwhelmed with feelings of love and happiness” and that the person was his brother, and that they were on a Umrah trip and that the weather was very hot and humid. The brother sat behind him for a few minutes in favor of being seated, at which point a local photographer took the shot from a distance.

He also pointed out that he did not know this until the photos spread.

He said, “I’m grateful that we remembered this photo and that it was a source of joy to many.”

Abdul Rahman al-Sahli, the owner of the photos, said it was taken at 1pm, and that “usually the sun is hot and the weather is hot at this time, so I saw this shot, so I liked it. Document it.”

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He added: “Every photographer has a specific look, style and angle of work with him. As soon as I saw the shot and the scene, I tried to take photos from multiple angles.”

Al-Zahli expected the film to spread from the first moment, saying, “Scenes like this get wide contact, especially at the Grand Mosque, and it’s an impressive scene, and you can rarely see situations like this, so photographer, you have to be prepared for such rare moments. If you are a few seconds late, You will miss the shot! “.

Saudi Arabia closed the Grand Mosque in March 2020, then reopened it to pilgrims in July under strict procedures, before which, three months later, all Muslims were allowed to pray in it, but with limited efficiency and distance during prayer.

Last October, the mosque returned to its full capacity and to receive worshipers without any breaks, although the muqawi is still mandatory.

Saudi Arabia recently announced that it would allow one million Muslims to perform the Hajj inside and outside the country this year, a significant increase following the outbreak of the Kovit-19 epidemic two years ago that forced it to significantly reduce the number of officials. Pilgrims.