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Inauguration of earthquake-damaged historical monuments in Marrakesh

On Monday, historical monuments in the earthquake-damaged city of Marrakesh reopened to Moroccans and tourists. Morocco’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Communications, Mohamed El Mahdi Ben Said, visited the Bahia and El Badi Palaces and the Saadian Tombs, and was briefed on the procedures for reopening these historical buildings to visitors, especially those attending the annual gatherings. World Bank and Monetary Fund.

The ministry created an emergency plan to implement official procedures for the restoration of these damaged monuments, and intensified efforts to ensure the opening of tourist attractions in the Red City.

In this context, Benzaid told the Moroccan News Agency: “The reopening is a message that confirms Marrakesh’s commitment,” noting the great efforts within the first phase of work, which will be followed in the coming weeks by the restoration phase. It requires time and skilled workers in technical repairs, El Badi Palace and other reforms will add vitality to these places, making them a source of economic income for the residents of Marrakesh and the regions concerned. .

Benzaid indicated that the purpose of his visit was to review insurance practices to avoid possible risk to the public. According to the ministry’s data, since yesterday (Monday) the signs have received around 6,000 visitors, both Moroccan and foreign.

Meanwhile, all the tourist players in the Red City are mobilized to receive the global financial elite and contribute to the success of the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which will begin on Monday and continue until October 15.

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During the Culture Minister’s Tour to the Unveiled Monuments (Asharq Al-Awsad)

The “Regional Hotel Industry Association” and the “Marrakesh Regional Tourism Council” mobilized all the hoteliers to get 14,000 participants in this important event in the best conditions. The Marrakesh Regional Tourism Council partnered with various local actors to create digital content that eases travel and accommodation procedures for expats.

A complete communication tool in several languages ​​is housed on the “” website, with introductory content, a mobile phone application, a complete guide for participants, press kits and 12 interactive stations at various strategic locations. city. Prepare itineraries for participants to discover the cultural, historical and natural richness of Marrakesh.

At the airport level, there was interest in receiving arrivals with better conditions of security, safety and quality of services. Paying special attention to passenger routes and their baggage, completing air conditioning and upgrading the airport infrastructure and improving the check-in process.

The Marrakesh Regional Tourism Council and its partners are committed to making the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund an exceptional event characterized by warm hospitality. It made the experience of thousands from around the world in the Red City an exceptional and unique moment.

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