June 6, 2023

Dubai Week

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View of Thomas Basket: The Dubai palm tree seen from space

Dubai is the busiest and busiest city Door Well, starting this year it is hosting the Universal Exhibition 2020. Theme selected for this edition: “Creating a Connected Mind and Future” It is already 4.32 km. Considered to be the largest universal exhibition of all time2 Area. That equates to 600 football pitches.

astronaut Thomas Baskett Chosen as one of the sponsors of the French Pavilion – with French pastry chef Jessica Bralpato – because in her own words, “Values ​​of Technological Innovation”, But above all « Virtue to the environment ».

Finally, this event is a unique opportunity for this city, which is known for its gratitude Architectural fools, Sometimes ignoring environmental challenges and human costs.

Anyway, thank you Thomas Baskett With a shot of one of the two palm-shaped islands with the nickname you can imagine all the splendor of this world Palm Jumeirah. An area of ​​artificial earth in the shape of millions of tons sable And cost in costEnergy Massive.

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